Inexpensive Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Look Lavish
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Inexpensive Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Look Lavish

A luxurious atmosphere in the bathroom does not always require a hefty budget. On the contrary, you can make your space looking more expensive with very minimal costs. You only have to learn how to accessorise the right way and choose elements that work and those that matter.

From customary to extraordinary

Efficiency is the top order for bathrooms. No matter how they look, as long as they meet your personal needs daily, they are good enough. Then again, having a spa-like bathroom in the comfort of home is a treat that is hard to resist. Imagine drowning your stress and soaking in style any time you need to, the moment you get home. Isn’t that amazing?

Giving the bathroom a sleek makeover can be simply about a few touch-ups here and there. You can make a luxurious difference with tastefully chosen décor installed at the right places. Still, don’t know how to pull it off? Use this five-point guideline and turn your comfort space into an extraordinary hideaway.

  • Add the class of brass. Turn your bathroom into a visual splendour by adding a few fixtures in brass finish. Brass and copper are commonly associated with luxury. If you cannot afford to change all your faucets and cabinet pulls, don’t worry. You can always pick out a few items in brass finish, like a simple soap dish or a jar for your cotton balls, and create the same effect.
  • Cover your walls in style. Wallpapers come in very handy when changing the look of the bathroom. There are countless styles and designs to choose from, available for a very low price. The secret to making this work is to choose a wallpaper design with a clean and crisp pattern. Elegance is all about keeping it neat, simple, and stylish.
  • Place an accent piece where the spotlight is on. In most bathrooms, the walk in bath is the star of the show. To further enhance the tub’s appeal, try a Persian rug or a pretty piece of artwork. Both items can significantly draw attention, defining the space with a high level of sophistication.
  • Get creative with containers. Bath supplies are a handful. If they are not arranged properly, they can easily clutter the bathroom space. If they are, they can add value to your design and enhance its overall appeal. Find creative storage ideas for your items, like sleek jars and matching containers.
  • Tweak your lighting fixtures. Changing light fixtures is an easy way to change the mood in the bathroom. You can easily make your space look gorgeous with the right choice of lighting fixture. You can go for an extravagant chandelier or luxurious pendants and enjoy the benefit of functional beauty at its best.

Having a lavish bathroom space is a dream come true, a dream you can quickly turn into reality with some careful thinking and making the right choices. Some simple upgrades could incredibly increase the value of your bathroom and turn it into an elegant and classy comfort space.

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