Infiniti Qx60 The Mean Green

2018 Infiniti Qx60: The Mean Green

2018 Infiniti Qx60 Review – With a strong and powerful V-6 engine to boast of and so 3-row comfortable seating, with plush interiors, and this new 2018 Infiniti QX60 is a real deal. It has got ride comfort and an underrated aspect of easy third-row access as well. While these are definitely car’s stronger suits, recent upgrades in terms of performance and handling are anything to go by too. All these factors together make this car a genuine buy.

Is 2018 Infiniti Qx60 A Good Car?

The new 2018 Infiniti Qx60 review conveys that is not just a pretty looking car. It has got an improved powertrain and has much more comfortable handling now, which wasn’t the case before. V-6 engine does generate massive torque and power which makes this car pretty much a treat to drive, especially on highways. refined CVT transmission adds up to this aspect as well, which makes acceleration quite imminent and the cabin is very quiet too.

How Much Does Infiniti Qx60 Costs?

The front wheel drive variant of 2018 Infiniti QX60 costs about $44,000 in the market, while all-wheel variant, which is better one for this particular SUV, costs about $45,000. Although these figures might be looking a bit too much, in reality, Infiniti does costs cheaper than its rivals.

Infiniti Qx60 Performance

The much more comfort driven Infiniti is not so much a sporty SUV. V-6 engine does just about enough and power transmissions are great too. The CVT transmission is just magic here and feels more like an automatic version too.

In terms of mileage, Infiniti gives around 20 mpg in city and 27 mpg on highways. Figures which are easily way better than rest. Add to that handling that this car has, and it comes out as a complete package.

Infiniti Qx60 Interiors

The quality of interiors in this Infiniti is mind-blowing. It does ooze luxury and class once you are inside. three-row seats do get premium leather upholstery, again something not seen in this category.

If you talk about cargo space, then at 16 cubic feet, it might not be largest around at moment, it does just about enough for a family.

Also, it does cover up its lack of boot space, by offering an 8-inch navigation and infotainment system with Bose speakers as standard. It does get USB ports across all rows too.

Infiniti Qx60 Safety

A rearview camera is standard in 2018 QX60. Available safety features include forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, automatic high beams. Along with that, infiniti qx60 does get a 4-star NHSTA rating.

Which Model Is Right For Me

IF you don’t go on wet and slippery roads often, then go for much more practical front wheel drive variant, as it does offer genuine value for money. Go for an all-wheel drive, only in case you travel outstation frequently.

In terms of packages, premium and premium plus does offer a lot of features just about the same.

Infiniti Qx60 Versus Competition

  • Infiniti QX60 vs Acura MDX
    Although both SUV’s have a similar price range to boast of, in reality, Acura does provide a lot more features than Infiniti does. And though powertrain is much better in Infiniti, features, especially safety features, makes you go over to Acura.
  • Infiniti QX60 vs Nissan Pathfinder
    As Infiniti brand is essentially a Nissan Luxury brand, QX60 is also a luxurious version of Pathfinder. interiors in QX60 are much plusher and eye-catching. mechanical aspects are almost similar. And though Pathfinder is much cheaper, QX60 is a way to go just on account of luxury on offer.

Final Call

The 2018 Infiniti QX60 is much cheaper than heavyweights in this category. It does offer a ride quality and handling worth mentioning too. And with a fuel economy which is easily best in class and quality of interiors on offer, all this makes QX60 a genuine value for money pick in this category.

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