TOP Interesting Things To Do In Dubai Sky

TOP 3 Interesting Things To Do In Dubai Sky

Many articles have been written about what you must visit when traveling to Dubai. City of modern stone and sand wonders. But for now, I would like to tell you about the top 3 things to do in the sky of Dubai that would be terribly fun to do while traveling if you want to feel like a superhero or a bird.

You can prepare in advance for a trip to all the places that you will learn about below. Namely – for the convenience of movement to rent a car. So you can get from point A to point B faster and visit more places in one day, especially if you are passing through Dubai! Here you can find the rental Ferrari catalog here Choose a reliable car for leasing that will fit even a small group of people, because it’s more fun together. This can be, for example, a reliable crossover Nissan Kicks for rent. You choose – freedom and reliability or extreme and speed. However, it is more convenient to rent a car because of the economical and pleasant cost, the speed of the rental process, as well as the extra hemorrhoids with the intricacies of public transport.

So, 3rd place goes to such entertainment as a sightseeing tour by helicopter. If you want to feel like a star, then this is definitely worth your attention! From a luxurious helicopter, you can admire the city from a bird’s eye view, take memorable photos and listen to the pilot’s fascinating comments about the city. The event will take from 12 to 25 minutes to choose from – the duration depends on how many sights you want to have time to fly around. To get on board the helicopter, you will need to get to the heliport in Atlantis the Palm. Usually the helicopter is designed for 6 seats. The cost of entertainment starts from 160 USD per person. An exciting journey will not leave you indifferent!

In second place is a zipline flight. Feel like a superhero on the longest and highest urban cable car in the world! The flight takes place at the Dubai Marina Mall, XLine booth at level P. The flight starts at an altitude of 170 meters, the flight length is 1 kilometer, the speed is 80 km/h. It is best to bring comfortable clothes and shoes. However, the weight of the visitor must be at least 50 kg. You can also fly two people at the same time, in parallel lines. During the flight, you will be wearing a helmet with a built-in camera that will capture all the moments of your already unforgettable flight.

Dinner in the Sky-min

Number 1 on our list is an unforgettable Dinner in the Sky. This is a unique project that will allow you to have an unforgettable experience of a 3-course dinner 50 meters above Dubai. Enjoy your meal at a revolving table mounted on a crane in the sky, with panoramic views of Dubai’s various landmarks. Don’t worry about your safety at the table – you’ll be strapped in tight! I want to warn you that alcoholic drinks are not offered in the heavenly restaurant. The cost of such a dinner is about 200 USD per person. With regards to the number of guests at a time, this restaurant can accommodate up to 22 people at a time. The program lasts 90 minutes, 30 of which is seating, lifting a group of people into the sky and returning to earth, the dinner itself is designed for 60 minutes. Spend those 60 minutes in the sky in a memorable way.

In conclusion, you can choose one of the above entertainment in the sky, or all at once, to compare and decide which one is the most memorable!

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