iPhone 7 Plus Release Date Specs and Features Rumours

iPhone 7 Reveal: Release Date, Specs & Features Rumours

iPhone 7 Plus Release Date Specs and Features Rumours

According to the rumour mills Apple will bring its new addition to the iPhone family, the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone7 plus. Like in the past, it is expected that the Apple will launch its new model of Apple iPhone 7 in the third quarter and most likely in September. Following are some of the rumours which are expected to be true as regards it specifications.

1. Apple A-10 Chipset

Its quite likely that Apple will most likely make use of the speedier chipset which is the Apple A-10 SOC which at the moment is iPhone 6 & 6Splus which boosts from 64 bit performance multimedia gadget and is manufactured by TSMC. It is still a rumour and nothing has been told for sure, however what is most expected is it’s sole supplier would definitely continue to be A-10.

2. 3 GB of RAM for the iPhone 7 Plus

Since the time iPhone 5 had paved its way in the smart phones area, it had been a success. Later came the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s with 2 GB memory which was taken by the users in a very positive way and it proved to be a great success. However it is rumoured that this time Apple would launch a 3 GB of RAM in case of Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, which might be quite a bit of a surprise which would and can outdate the 2 GB memory.

3. Sturdy Waterproof Build

Waterproofing came into light after the very first model of iPhone as it had several complaints as it wasn’t waterproof, then this was taken into consideration and IPhone6S and iPhone 6+ was quite sturdy and had an ability to withstand water because of its aluminium plate at the back.

iPhone 7 Plus is waterproof

Keeping the success of the aluminium plate at the back, iPhone 7 is rumoured to be out with an even watertight security as it would come with a lot of silicone seals and gaskets which would definitely test the ability of the gadget to test its sturdiness.

4. Ultra-Thin Body

Looks of the new iPhone 7 is being most rumoured, in fact it is the looks which plays a very vital role in its popularity. Up until now the iPhone 6s was one of the slimmest devices, but it is rumoured that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s will beat its counterpart as it would be launched with 6.0 and 6.5 mm keeping in mind its robustness and water resistance.

5. New Screen Panel Technology

The new Apple iPhone is definitely thing a lot on its looks and specification therefore apart from just thing body, it has also thought of making some changes in the display panel.

They are thinking of experimenting with a glass on glass feature which would not only enhance the looks, but will also reduce the sensitivity. There are also some rumours that the simple touch technology will increase and the home button would be taken off for ever.

iPhone 7 no home button

6. Faster on-board 3D Storage

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will come up with a faster operating 3D NAND flash, which is provided by some of the most advanced companies. Hence, the technology would be outsourced and the storage which is being argued to be 256 GB would be based in the manufacturing of a denser memory chip.

It is said that it would not only be more reliable, but have increased speed too, which would be great for people who are on the move constantly.

7. An Affordable Alternative Apple iPhone 7 Plus

People are desperately looking forward to the new iPhone 7 and it is expected to be as expensive as its counterpart when it was launched, however for people who are looking for a cheaper version can look forward for the launch of Apple iPhone 7s which may be a bit affordable as it would make use of Apple A9 chipset and would come with a 4 inch metal make trooper.

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