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15 Best Ironing Board Covers And Pads 2024 Reviews

It isn’t a good habit to leave the house in garments that are creased. So, if you’re looking for the best ironing board covers, you came to the right place. Research shows that using ironing board covers is good for producing perfectly ironed clothes and helps quicken the process of ironing. Since ironing is not appealing to most people, using an iron board cover will help hasten the whole process.

15. Whitmor Ironing Board Covers And Pad

Whitmor Ironing Board Covers And Pad

This iron board cover from Whitmor is wrapped in 100% thick cotton material for a soft finish. It features a scorch-coat liner that helps protect its material against stains and scorch resulting from hot irons. The Whitmor cover was designed to fit all standard ironing boards 15 inches in width and 54 inches in length. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty stretch binding that locks the cover in place to avoid unnecessary movements.


  • Comes with a 3-year guarantee
  • 100% cotton material
  • Fits standard ironing boards
  • Easy installation thanks to the tailored nose pocket
  • Scorch-coat to protect it from stains

14. Home-It Ironing Board Covers

Home-It Iron Board Covers

This iron board cover from Home-It looks vibrant and adorable with its print design. For those people with thin board covers, you will be impressed by the nice, thick material and this Home-It ironing board covers padding.

Suppose you have an old-fashioned, wall-mounted ironing board like me, no need to be alarmed. This Home-It cover features Velcro straps at the bottom to help secure it in place. Once the straps are secured in place, it will fit your iron board nicely for effortless ironing.


  • On offer, making it substantially cheaper than its competitors.
  • Adjustable fit thanks to its Velcro straps
  • Scorch resistant and stain resistant stretch coat
  • Can cover all standard size ironing boards with ease
  • Thick padding for seamless ironing
  • Highly stylish design

13. June Tailor Ironing Board Covers

June Tailor Ironing Board Covers

Our initial thoughts about June Tailor Ironing Board Covers were filled with doubts when we received it since it had no padding. It came as just the cloth. However, after using it for a while, we changed our perception.

If you’re a sewer or tailor, you will appreciate this product. It has grid markings to help with the angles and measurements when tailoring and garment shaping clothes. It has two drawstrings that help you tighten this cover to fit your ironing board nicely.


  • It’s not a silver reflective ironing surface like other board covers.
  • Duck cloth helps absorb steam
  • 1-inch grid markings on the entire board
  • 45-degree markings for quilting and biasing
  • A synthetic blend of polyester and cotton fabric that comes with a blocking grid

12. Woolite Ironing Board and Covers

Woolite Ironing Board and Cover

If you’re shopping for a new iron board cover, this Woolite is a great option. It has been designed to fit perfectly onto standard size ironing boards without additional fasteners needed. The padding is also nice and thick to provide a comfortable and seamless ironing experience.

Its thick fabric is also sturdy and stain-resistant, which will guarantee you many years of service. The Woolite’s surface is finished with nice, solid colors that will either complement or blend in with your home’s styling.


  • Solid colors that don’t fade
  • 15 inch by 54 inches to fit all standard size ironing boards
  • Highly durable, making it perfect for frequent users
  • Thick padding on the fabric for comfort
  • Stain-resistant fabric

11. Westex Laundry Solutions Ironing Board Covers

Westex Laundry Solutions Ironing Board Covers

Westex ironing board covers features a beautiful design that will add value to your home. Its extra-thick padding feels thicker than most covers tested. It provides maximum comfort when ironing.

This cover comes equipped with an elastic strap that helps lock the cover when ironing to avoid unnecessary movements. Overall, this is a good choice as it is not costly. It also guarantees your longevity.


  • Beautifully designed fabric
  • Water and stain-resistant fabric
  • 3- layer extra thick padding for comfort
  • Dual cover fasteners
  • All in one construction and fits all standard sized boards

10. Household Essentials Deluxe Ironing Board Covers

Household Essentials Deluxe Ironing Board Covers

The cover’s pad is sewn into the cover to ensure it is permanently attached. This ensures that the finished cover comes out as a single piercer that appears seamless and easy to fit on.

A binding bungee cord allows you to wrap the fabric onto the board to lock everything in place to make the ironing experience pleasant and easier.


  • Cover and pads are attached for easy placement.
  • Tailored side edging finish enhancing the cover’s fitting to the board
  • Bungee cord for anchoring the cover around the edge of the board
  • Hook and loop straps for locking the cover in place

9. Household Essentials Standard Ironing Board Covers

Household Essentials Standard Ironing Board Covers

The padding on this board makes it a must buy if you want to upgrade your ironing board covers. What’s more, it is easy to mount the fabric on the board, thanks to its design.

Its symmetrical design means that it provides a snug fit for standard sized ironing boards to keep it from unnecessary movements. Ironing is made easier thanks to the cover’s smooth surface from its three-layer padding.


  • 100 percent cotton cover
  • Attached socket storage
  • Fits standard 15 inches by 54-inch size ironing boards
  • Tailored nose for easy fit

8. Balffore Ironing Board Covers

Balffore Ironing Board Covers

The Balffore is a special kind of board cover. We had nothing but a positive experience with this ironing board covers. Its premium built three-layer padding provides the perfect thickness to prevent iron stains and iron board marks.

One of the standout features is that it is elastic around the edges. This elasticity allows the user to pull the cover over the board and tighten the grip to avoid movement.


  • 6mm thick padding for seamless ironing
  • Durable elastic edge for securing it on your board
  • Beautiful modern design with strong color
  • Comes with four extra fasteners and a protective mesh clothing

7. Household Essentials Replacement Cover

Household Essentials Replacement Cover

Statistics showed that iron board users wait too long before they change their covers. Just like other covers from Household essential, this replacement cover will put a smile on your face. Just like its name suggests, it is a replacement cover.

As a replacement cover, fitting it in your ironing board is easy; it is well made to fit all standard boards. Its 4mm padding provides a perfect surface for ironing.


  • One flawless full-length piece for enhanced management
  • 100 percent cotton fabric for a smooth finish
  • Silicone coated to prevent stains and enhance durability.
  • Tailored nose for easy fit

6. Polder Ironing Board Covers

Polder Ironing Board Covers

Polder has built a solid reputation in producing ironing board covers, and rightly so. We used this cover for a week, and it fits snug compared to other covers we tested. This cover does not need additional fasteners, unlike other models; its fasteners work perfectly to keep it in place.

Its elastic outside provides a pull tight around the board for extra fitting. The pad and the cover are a one-piece finish, and the fabric material provides a smooth finish for ironing.


  • Double thick fiber pad for comfort
  • Bungee style cord for a snug fit
  • Comes with water-resistant treatment and a soil-release
  • Heavy-duty cotton on fabric for durability

5. Ezy Iron Premium Iron Board Covers

Ezy Iron Premium Ironing Board Covers

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t enjoy ironing and want to get over with it as soon as possible, the Ezy is perfect for you. Perhaps you will not like the smell when the hot iron hits the fabric for the first few days, but that smell will fade over time.

What we loved about this Ezy is its attention to detail. It looks beautiful and will add to the styling of your home. What’s more, this cover’s padding is thick enough to prevent waffles and creases from forming when ironing your clothes.


  • Allows fast and easy ironing thanks to its design and soft fabric
  • Thick padding for comfort
  • Its surface helps reflect heat to your clothes to help cut your ironing time.
  • Bungee cord drawing strings to secure it in place

4. Household Essentials Replacement Standard Ironing Board Covers

Household Essentials Replacement Standard Ironing Board Covers

Iron board covers from this company are reliable, and a unique feature about them is that the name describes its purpose. Fitting it on your board is purposely designed to involve stretching, shifting, and adjusting for a snug fit. What’s more, the elastic fasteners allow you to hold in place for a smooth surface when ironing securely.


  • Designed to fit standard sized iron boards
  • Bungee cord binding and tailored nose allow easy fitting.
  • Available in many fashionable designs
  • Thick padding for comfort and smooth ironing

3. Whitmor 6325-833 Deluxe Iron Board Covers

Whitmor 6325-833 Deluxe Ironing Board Covers

This Whitmor 6325-833 Deluxe will put a smile on your face when ironing. Unlike other covers, which have a flimsy thin pad, this cover features a triple layer pad that helps enhance the ironing experience.

While its thick pad provides a soft, smooth surface, it also helps reflect the iron’s heat to the clothing being ironed for an even iron.


  • Significantly cheaper than other covers
  • Cotton cover with sewn-in padding
  • Stretch cord binding to hold the cover in place securely
  • Comes with a 3-year guarantee

2. Kennedy International Collection Ironing Board Covers

Kennedy International Collection Ironing Board Covers

If you’re tired of using flimsy covers, this cover from the Kennedy International collection will sort out your woes. It features a metal-like woven surface that is coated with a tacky surface that helps hold the fabric in place while also reflects heat on the under the cloth to speed up your ironing process. Its elastic border also adds to the snug fit on the iron boards.


  • 100 percent cotton fabric for a smooth shaving experience
  • Silicone coating helps reflect heat as well as prevent the surface from iron marks
  • 15 by 54-inch dimensions makes it ideal for all standard size iron boards
  • Solid colors help improve the décor of your home.

1. EPI Epica Iron Board Covers

EPI Epica Ironing Board Covers

The EPI cover has more padding than most of the covers we tested. You can even fit this EPI over an old cover to give your board extra padding thanks to its elastic ends.

It’s compatible with additional fasteners, but you don’t need them because its dual Velcro straps ensure that the cover is always in place when ironing. Compared to other covers, we found that the overall quality of this EPI cover proved better in all ways. A quick trick on fitting this cover is to insert the nose first before fitting the rest of it.


  • Heavy padding and silicone coating for enhanced durability
  • Two-year risk-free warranty
  • Generously sized to fit most standards size boards.
  • Elastic edges and Velcro straps for a secure, non-slip fit

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