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JCP Kiosk – Register and Log into JCPenney Associate Kiosk

JCP Kiosk stands for JCPenney Kiosks. This site allows the employees to log in by using User ID. Then, they can view the information about their employment. The staffs can get the special discount which is for online shopping. JCPenney associate kiosk can choose a part-time or full-time job. Whatever the employment status you have, you can still use JCP Kiosk online portal. This way, you can manage the account from your home.

JCP kiosk is not for all people. The person who is not the JCP Associate Kiosk cannot access this online site. The benefits such as online discount are only for JCP staffs. With this discount, they can buy the product online at JCPenney website. Besides, they may get the items which are not available in the store. Moreover, JCP offers other kinds of benefits. For instance, JCP Kiosk provides medical as well as life insurance. As like other big companies, JCPenney also offers 401(k). Additionally, JCPenney gives paid vacations as well as time offs for its associates.

JCP Kiosk is also the place to see the work schedule. They can view the time off work online. So, it is not necessary to go to HR room to ask for the updated schedule. It is one of the easiness offered by JCPenney Kiosks. With the online schedule, the staffs can check whether they are supposed to work or they should be off. The working timetable is useful for part-time employees. Their shifts may change each week. So, by logging into JCP Kiosk, they will see the newest working schedule.

How to Register as a New User at JCP Kiosk

The associate kiosk should register to create a new account at JCP Kiosk. This way, they can view the JCPenney employment details. Before registering your account, the JCpenney associate cannot see the pay stubs, benefits information, and work schedule. It can be said that JCPenney employee kiosk is only for the registered users. When you enroll the new account at JCPenney kiosks, you will be able to set the password. Then, you can use this password to log into the JCP online site.

In this writing, you will get the method to register at JCP associate kiosk. The process will include three stages. First, it is the initiating registration process. The second is the core steps. And the last is the process after you register. You can read the more completed explanation below.

  • How to initiate the JCP Kiosk user.

To create a new account at JCPenney associate kiosk, you have to load the JCP Kiosk website. Navigating the sign-up page is easy. You have to enter the address of JCPenney Associates Kiosk in your browser. The browser will bring you to JCP Associate homepage. The web page will display a couple of links. First, you will see the JCP login box. The second, there is the link to recover the password next to the login field. The last, you will view the link entitled Register as a New User. To start the enrollment process, you should click the last link.

But, you need to remember one crucial thing. This link will not work if you access it from your home. It means you cannot register unless you are at JCP workplace computer. This way, JCP wants to secure the process of registration. When you can open the registration page, you can go to the next step.

  • The main process of registration.

The screen will display the form to enter your personal information. You will be required to set up the password. You have to remember it well. It is because you will use this password to log into JCPenney Kiosk site. Then, you have to fulfill other fields, such as the employee id. Keep in your mind that you cannot do the registration process in your home. It is because JCPenney deactivates two links; links to register and reset the password. Thus, you have to use the computer at JCPenney workplace. JCP does this due to privacy and security purpose.

  • After registration.

When you have done the process of registration, you should log into JCP Associate Kiosk site. You have to enter the employee id as the username. Then, you should type the password which you have set up in the registration process. After that, you can begin to manage your JCP account. You can view the detailed login process below.

The Simple Steps to Log into JCP Associate Kiosk

jcp associate kiosk login

The JCPenney Login process is easy to do. You only need to prepare the employee id and the passcode. Here, we give you the smart guideline for Jcpenney Associate login.

  • Load the JCPenney portal.

The first thing you have to do is going to the official JCP site. You have to enter in your address bar. In the home page, you should click the option entitled Associate Kiosk @Home. This link will get you to another page. The new address will be Your screen will display the login field.

  • Enter your login details.

There are two fields to enter the employee number and password. The employee id number should be nine digits. So, you need to include the leading zeroes to make it nine digits numbers in total. You have to be careful in typing these numbers. If you have made a mistake, you will find login trouble.

Besides, the login password contains eleven digits. It includes the letters JCP which is written in uppercase. Then it contains two digits of the month of birth as well as the year of birth. The last, it is followed by four digits of SSN number. The system will secure your login credential. It uses SSL technology to ensure the login process. The technology will encrypt the link between your browser and the server.

  • View the Associate’s information.

After logging into JCP associate kiosk portal, you can start to search the employment information. For instance, you can view the payment details. Besides, you can see the working hours as well. This way, you can estimate the amount of wage you will receive. The system also allows you to see the day off on the schedule. Additionally, you can download the forms to ask for sick days and other personal issues. Moreover, you can find out the benefits offered by JCPenney as well. Since it is online information, you will be able to access the portal anywhere and anytime. Also, you can view the information by using computer, tablet, or mobile phone as long as you are connected to the internet.

How to Reset JCPenney Password

In fact, the JCPenney password is easy to remember. It is because the passcode contains the initial of JCP, month and year of birth as well as SSN number. Some people may forget it because it consists of eleven digits. But, you should not be panic if you lose the JCpenney password. The JCP Kiosk has provided the system to help you reset the lost password. You need to follow the steps below for password recovery.

  • Use the computer at JCPenney workplace.

As stated in the registration explanation above, you cannot reset the password from your computer. Due to the security issue, you can reset the password by using JCP computer device.

  • Visit JCP associates kiosk.

First, you need to go to When you are on the homepage, you will see several menus. Then, you should click the top choice with the title Associate Kiosk @home. This option will take you to the JCPenney login page.

  • Click on the link I forgot my password.

You can find the link to recover your password next to the login field. Remember, JCP system blocks this link so that you cannot open it unless you use the JCP computer device. It is because JCPenney wants to protect your personal information from being stolen.

  • Enter the required information.

On the password recovery page, you will see two fields. You have to complete the box with the information which matches with the file on JCP database. The system requires you to enter the JCP user ID and email address. The user ID is the current employee id. Besides, this user ID should be the number which you use to log in. The JCP user Id consists of nine digits. That’s why you should include the zeroes number before you enter your employee id. Then, you have to type your valid email address in the given box.

  • Submit the request

Once you tap the submit button under the field, you will receive an email. So, you have to ensure that the email ID you write in the box is correct. The email will contain the link to reset your JCP password. Then, you should click that link and follow the next instructions.

If you cannot reset the password, the JCP may deactivate your account. So, you have to contact JCPenney help desk to activate your account.

How to Enroll the JCPenney Benefits

JCP Kiosk

As like other large businesses, JCPenney offers some benefits for its associates. The qualified staffs will get medical and dental benefits. Besides, they can enroll life insurance benefits as well. JCP Associate Kiosk is the source to get clear information about these benefits. On this online portal, you can view all types of benefits offered by JCPenney. Also, you can enroll the benefits through JCPenney kiosk as well.

You can start enjoying the benefits if you register at the JCP employee kiosk. When you are logging into JCP associates kiosk web page, you will find the Powerline feature. This option will guide you to explore the JCPenney benefits. Moreover, you can enroll the benefits program through the Powerline menu as well. Here, we write the step by step to enroll JCpenney benefits through JCP associate kiosk.

  • Log into your JCPenney account

First, you need to sign into JCP associates kiosk webpage. You have to go to this link This link will load the login page. As usual, you should write your user ID (employee id) and JCP password.

  • Click on the Powerline link.

You should check towards the Powerline placed in the bottom part right-hand of the page. Then, you have to tap the Powerline menu if you want to view the benefits. The site will bring you to a new page containing some information about JCPenney benefits.

  • Explore the JCPenney benefits program.

Before you decide the program you want to enroll, you have to explore all the advantages first. This way, you can choose the plan which suits you. Besides, some benefits are only given to the certain staffs. So, you should select the plan which you are eligible for.

  • Enroll the particular program.

When you have explored all benefits, you can choose which program you want to enroll. You can click the benefits link. Then, the site will show the instruction to register. Follow the instruction carefully. Finally, you can enjoy the benefits from JCpenney.

You have to note one thing. You can access the Powerline program directly. So, you do not need to access JCP Associate kiosk first. You can enter the address JCPenney Powerline site in your browser. The address is on This link will load the Hewitt site which will show you the JCP benefit program. But, you still need to log in as usual since it is privacy information.

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