Keeping Commercial Buildings Clean, How to Keep Commercial Buildings Clean

Keeping Commercial Buildings Clean During the Pandemic

With the arrival of the global pandemic the commercial landscape dramatically changed. Many offices, retail establishments and restaurants initially closed or went into their own form of lockdown. Numerous companies instituted interim work from home plans for all but required on-site personnel. Employees connected with their co-workers on Zoom and talked to customers over the phone. Everyone had to quickly adjust to a new reality that was like nothing they had ever experienced before.

Now, as the initial quarantine and lockdown has lifted, some workers have begun to return to their offices. Retail stores have opened their doors to shoppers and restaurants are once again up and running, although with limited customer capacity. As things have returned slowly to the way they were everyone, from owners and employees to patrons, has been increasingly concerned with health and safety. This has resulted in increased market opportunities and attention to commercial cleaning activities.

Thoroughly Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

When you have high-touch areas used by many people each day, there is a chance for contamination and for people to get the virus. Door handles, the buttons on keypads and elevator buttons need to be thoroughly cleaned each day and also wiped down several times during work hours. To ensure that the surfaces are completely germ-free, the proper disinfectants must be used.

Applying Medical Grade Cleaning to Office Buildings

Commercial cleaning companies have always disinfected the restrooms as part of their routine cleaning process. Now with the pandemic, many customers are looking for medical grade cleaning and disinfecting across their entire office facility. Customers want to reassure staff and customers that their space is safe and spotlessly maintained.

Using Disinfectants That Are EPA Approved

Customers want to know that their cleaning firm is using disinfectants that are approved by the EPA to kill the virus. They are looking for products that not only meet that requirement, but are also safe and will not harm electronic items or other sensitive surfaces. In some cases solutions of diluted bleach or alcohol can be used.

Scheduling Regular Deep Cleaning

When a business has customers visit their facility it’s important that everything is spotlessly clean. If they notice an area that does not look like it has been cleaned in a while, their mind is going to race to the conclusion that the environment is not germ-free. Both for perception and for making sure the commercial building is safe, each business should adhere to an accelerated schedule of deep cleaning.

Make Sure Your Commercial Cleaner is Well-Stocked with Supplies

Just as consumers saw an early run on panic buying of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, the commercial cleaning sector has also faced supply problems. It’s important to know that the firm that does your janitorial work has stockpiled adequate supplies of all the materials they need to get the job done right.

If you want to reassure your staff and customers that your environment is safe, it’s important to implement a comprehensive plan for cleaning and disinfecting your commercial space. By taking a proactive approach you can help limit the opportunity for the virus to spread.

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