10 Lessons You Will Learn From Backpacking

10 Lessons You Will Learn From Backpacking

When was the last time you took a risk? When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone? When was the last time you felt excited and nervous at the same time?

At your age, lots of “when was the last time” questions are getting left unchecked. You may not know it yet but you may be more comfortable beyond your comfort zone if you would only try to step out of the box.

You’ve always dreamed of traveling the world or at least backpack through Southeast Asia. Don’t let the dream die, feed your wanderlust and start seeing and experiencing the destinations you’ve always dreamed about.

In line with backpacking, it could just be the best thing you’ll ever try and experience. Here are ways backpacking is awesome—and will change your life.

Lesson 1: Learn To Let Go

Letting go in terms of detaching yourself a bit from your curated world—work, friends, partying, family, shopping, and the likes. You’re a grown up now, surely you can go on by without your family or friends for a week or two. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Take a break from the digital world for a while.

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By all means, your $100 sneakers and branded makeup collection are temporary happiness fix. These are luxuries that only serve you weeks of joy. Don’t you want an experience that will last your years of happiness that will be forever engraved in your memory?

Lesson 2: Contentment

In a world where the best and top smartphones come out annually and trends change in front of you, it’s only practical to say don’t get yourself too attached to material things; identify your wants vs needs.

Lesson 3: Learn More Skills

Ever wanted to try surfing, cooking other dishes, milking cows, video filming and editing, crafting, and a whole lot more? Bring yourself out there, you’ll learn a lot! As you go on your journey, not only you’ll be looking forward to the destination but you’ll also look forward to learning new things as you go on.

skills you will learn when traveling

Lesson 4: Broader Perspective

Many of your personal views and overall perspective in life will change or broaden along the journey. The world isn’t a scary place—it’s beautiful by all means, even with its stained surfaces and broken fragments; it’s still a world worth seeing and living.

Lesson 5: Accomplish Challenges And Surprise Yourself

When you’re backpacking, expect to head on with obstacles along the way. It could be pouring rain while you’re on a hike, your van or bus stranded on some highway, forgetting your sweater in the previous hostel, finding out ways to stretch your travel budget and more challenges you wouldn’t imagine encountering in your daily life.

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Have you ever imagined yourself pushing a vehicle on the road? Or surviving a 3-day camping trip? Constantly motivate yourself to take on new challenges and you might get surprised at how capable you are of handling them.

Accomplish Challenges And Surprise Yourself

Lesson 6: Appreciate The Small Things

Backpacking can be limiting at times (most of the time) but hey, you can still find a way to appreciate the little things. Backpackers give up a lot in exchange for a lifetime’s worth of experiences. A treat to the restaurant or a succulent home cooked meal, your wardrobe and freshly washed clothes are only some of the little joys backpackers embrace once they return home.

Lesson 7: Communicate With And Meet Different People

You’ll be surprised at the number of backpackers you may encounter on the road. And no matter where you are, you won’t really feel alone in your journey—there are locals who are willing to guide you!

Connecting with the locals and hearing their stories, traditions, customs and culture firsthand is a humbling feeling. It opens your eyes to see the beauty of humanity. Of course, you need to be cautious. But overall, it’s going to be a great experience.

Communicate With And Meet Different People

Lesson 8: Know Who Your Real Friends Are

We lose some, we gain some. As we get older and lose touch with several friends, time will come where the true and real ones reveal themselves despite the distance and time hindrance. They don’t need 24/7 updates, but when you’re free, they’ll make time for you.

The same goes for your family. They may need to be reassured and updated more frequently than your friends but it’s normal—especially if it’s your mom checking on you. These people goes beyond to support and love you.

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Lesson 9: Learning Never Ends

You start the adventure with a backpack and hunger for travel, the learning that tags along with it will never end. You get to learn new small things every day and live bolder the next. Soon enough, you’ll share these knowledge and skills to others.

Lesson 10: You Find Your True Self

Have you discovered what you truly want to do and path to take? Do you know what’s best for you or do you still rely on others to point that to you? Being in a box for a long time holds you back from exposing your true self—getting yourself out there for the world to see and know is where you true self emerges.

Have you ever tried backpacking? If not, grab you best backpack and plan now! Also, do share your insights on how traveling or backpacking has changed your life. We’d love to hear it, comment down below!

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