Long-Term Vacation Health Benefits

Why a Long-Term Vacation Might Be the Best Move for Your Mental Health

2021 has been a long and difficult year for everyone, and taking time off to recoup is more important than you might think. The hustle culture we are exposed to every day on social media puts the idea in our heads that if we’re not being productive every hour of every day, we’re not worthy or successful.

This is absolutely not true, and it is becoming increasingly more important to challenge these mindsets and start talking about the importance of self-care in the form of taking time off. When you’ve reached burnout and even gone beyond it, you might want to look into a long-term vacation.

What is a Long-Term Vacation? 

A long-term vacation implies an extended period away from home, usually anything from 18 days to a few months at a time. People often opt for long-term vacations (or even working vacations) after a long period of studying or working on a big career goal for a few years.

People going on a long-term vacation might travel around different cities, or they might pick a place they like and decide to stay there for a while, taking out a short term lease on an apartment, such as the luxury furnished rentals, Toronto, which are much more affordable than living in a hotel for two months!

Your long-term vacation can help you to really explore who you are outside of your career or academics and is a great move to make when you’re feeling incredibly burnt out or not sure what move to make next in your professional life. A nice, long break can help you to gain perspective and reflect on where you want to go next.

If your long-term vacay is going to be more than a few weeks, you might need to consider an income for the duration of your holiday to keep yourself afloat – in these cases, finding part-time work at your destination might be a great way to keep earning some money and meet interesting new people.

What Are the Benefits?

Taking time away from your own busy life can not only give you perspective on what makes you happy and where you want to go in your career, but it can give you a new sense of appreciation for your own space. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and some well-needed time away from your home can inspire you to make the most of it going forward.

Finally, a long-term vacation can act like pushing the reset button on your life. With renewed energy and time to reflect on your goals and aspirations, coming home will be like starting fresh on everything. This can make your academics, your career, or even just your family life feel fresh and renewed and exciting, brimming with new opportunities for you to take on.

While a long-term vacation might not be the best answer for everyone, someone who is truly suffering from burnout might find it to be a great benefit for their mental health and long-term goals for their lives.

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