Manufacturers Using Sand Casting For Non-Ferrous Castings

Manufacturers Using Sand Casting For Non-Ferrous Castings: Why?

Sand casting is one of the oldest tricks to get precision casting shapes of different materials in different sizes for distinct purposes. Non ferrous castings manufacturers are greatly relying on sand casting process as it is the simplest medium for making castings other than iron castings. The process includes pouring of molten material, such as zinc, copper, or aluminium inside a sand mold cavity to attain desired shape.

When Manufacturers Use Sand Casting Method?

The sand casting is much popular process and is being used by ferrous and non-ferrous casting manufacturing foundries as well as tin sheet metal suppliers for producing distinct ranges, such as-

  • Limited castings (few numbers of castings)
  • Intricate designs and most complex castings
  • Large non ferrous material casting

Why Only Sand Casting?

The process incurs its own advantages and this is why major foundries and casting manufacturers are being diverted to sand casting manufacturing methods to save costs and enhance production. The list of advantages is-

  • Low tooling costs
  • Largest size castings are easy to achieve
  • Chances for porosity defects are low
  • General versatility of the process is good

But as they say, coin has its two sides; sand casting method also has some limitations. Few limitations are-

  • The casting production rate is low
  • The wall thickness will range minimum 3mm to 5mm
  • Poor linear tolerance
  • Surface finish is generally rough
  • Coarser grain size than die casting

Sand casting is highly recommended option for non ferrous manufacturers, who want to produce most intricate shapes and designer components with finished surface. It offers simple medium for casting making, and is selected for producing limited number of castings, mainly large non-ferrous castings. Manufacturers are using aluminium, copper, brass, pewter, zinc, and other suitable alloys for making different components range. If you are looking for some leading and top quality pewter suppliers then it would be best to do your research online and select one as per your needs.

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