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Marquina Midnight Quartz Countertops: Review and Alternatives

White, beige, light gray— they’ve all witnessed their best days in the kitchens. But now it’s time to let dark countertops elevate the beauty of the cooking space.

Options like Marquina Midnight quartz are a great contender for modern-day dark kitchen countertops. With a rich feel and magical appearance, the black quartz countertops are not just a kitchen must-have but rather a design element as enduring as one’s forever abode!

Ready to change the appearance of the kitchen with a Marquina Midnight countertop?

Or stuck to finding some nice alternatives?

No matter what, this post covers everything– from the review of the Marquina Midnight quartz countertop to suggestions for best alternatives. So, read till the end!

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Marquina Midnight Quartz Countertop: What is it?

Marquina Midnight is a black-colored quartz countertop that features a marble look along with white veining. In white spaces, Marquina Midnight helps create a unique vibe that is nostalgic, effortless, and timeless.

What are some common applications of Marquina Midnight quartz?

Marquina Midnight is suitable for both residential and commercial use. The common applications include:

  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Backsplashes

Note: It is not meant to be used for external spaces.

What is the average cost of Marquina Midnight quartz?

On average, Marquina Midnight quartz price can be anywhere between $37-$70 per square ft. However, various factors such as installation service, in-store purchase, customization, style, and other factors may affect the final cost.

Which colors go best with Marquina Midnight quartz?

White cabinets: When looking for enduring design styles, nothing seems as compelling as white. The powerful combination of black countertops like Marquina Midnight along with white cabinetry has turned out to be the most influential kitchen style in modern times.

Black + gold: In order to add a dose of drama to the space, one can go for all black cabinets, dining table, backsplash, etc. One can use gold elements to break the monotony and bring some elegance to the space. From faucets to knobs, one can paint all the kitchen hardware with gold color. Moreover, gold accent stools also help captivate the space.

Natural wood:

A pleasing natural color of wood paired with Marquina Midnight quartz is sure to give any kitchen a polished upgrade. Wooden walls, cabinets, backsplash, and wooden islands are a few common ways to introduce natural wood to the kitchen.


Homeowners who adore subtlety will love a kitchen with the dominance of a light gray theme, featuring a black-colored counter and yellow cabinets. To achieve a more uniform look, one can add hints of yellow to other elements such as window knobs and rugs.

Marquina Midnight Quartz

Marquina Midnight Quartz Countertop Alternatives

Here are the best alternatives to Marquina Midnight countertops that have all the power to be the real show-stopper in the kitchen:

Quartz countertops

5820 Darcrest

Those on a hunt for a mysteriously dark earthy base can opt for 5820 Darcrest by Caesarstone. Featuring tiny spots and sediments, this quartz countertop is the ultimate choice for adding a unique style statement to the space.

3100 Jet Black

When exploring Marquina Midnight alternatives, homeowners can never miss out on this black quartz countertop. Together with a polished finish and beautiful speckled pattern, it is sure to capture the attention of all the guests. The eclectic combination of 3100 Jet Black with a white or beige-themed kitchen will create a peaceful vibe.

Pros of quartz countertops

  • Stain-proof: Since it is a non-porous material, so it doesn’t allow moisture to pass through the surface. Therefore, no sealing or polishing is required.
  • Ease of maintenance: Quartz counters require minimal maintenance. It’s super easy to clean. One can wipe it with a damp cloth to remove food stains.
  • No bacteria growth: The non-porous property helps protect the countertops against mold, mildew, and bacteria which means it helps keep the kitchen healthy and hygienic.
  • Durability: Since quartz is one of the strongest materials on earth, these counters have the potential to last as much as a house.
  • Scratch resistant: Quartz counters offer impressive scratch and chip resistance. However, it is suggested to avoid chopping food directly on the surface.

Cons of quartz:

  • Weight: Quartz countertops are heavyweight, and hence DIY installation can cause damage to the slab as well as kitchen cabinets. So, hiring a professional installation service is required.
  • Heat: Quartz countertops are unable to take excessive heat due to the presence of resin. Therefore, one must avoid putting hot utensils directly on the surface.

Granite black mist

There’s always something undeniably lovely about granite when it comes to kitchen design. It offers a natural and timeless look to the space. For homeowners who don’t prefer the shine offered by Marquina Midnight, honed black mist granite can be an ultimate choice.

Pros of granite countertops

  • Easy to repair: Granite counters can be easily repaired if there are any small cracks or chips on them, which means house owners don’t need to replace them in case of small damage.
  • Natural: The material is completely natural, so for the homeowners who want to embrace nature’s beauty inside their house, granite is a good alternative.

Cons of granite:

  • Can’t achieve a uniform look: Every slab of granite is unique; therefore, it may be impossible to have a uniform look if multiple slabs need to be installed in a space.
  • Difficult to remove: The removal process of a granite countertop is difficult and can lead to extreme damage to the cabinets.

Soapstone countertops

Black soapstone can be a great option for homeowners looking for Marquina Midnight quartz alternatives. Soapstone with the honed finish is highly suitable for homeowners who want to give a rustic look to the kitchen. To add an ultimate rustic flair, one can opt for wooden chandeliers over the kitchen island and jute rugs for floor decoration.

Pros of soapstone countertops

  • Environment friendly: The extraction of soapstone doesn’t damage the earth. Also, it can be easily recycled.
  • Easy to install: Usually, the installation of natural stones is challenging, but soapstone is one such material that can be installed easily.

Cons of soapstone:

  • Prone to scratches: The surface of soapstone countertops is soft, which may lead to scratches.
  • Limited color options: Limited color options means homeowners may not find a specific color to match their design theme.


Marquina Midnight quartz is a popular choice among many homeowners. The polished finish and white accent make it look super luxurious.

But each theme has some unique requirements which greatly impact the overall cost, aesthetics, and functionality of the space.

Homeowners looking for a black countertop like Marquina Midnight in different materials, designs, or finishes can go for alternatives as discussed above.

Also, it’s crucial to consider the pros and cons of the material before making a final decision.

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