Maximizing the Strengths of Your Millennial Workforce

Maximizing the Strengths of Your Millennial Workforce

If you listen to what the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers have to say about the Millennial generation, you might not develop a very positive opinion of the group that is dominating the bulk of the American workforce. The truth is, the majority of the grumbling and ranting about Millennials in the workplace has found its origin in partial truth and generalized assumption about the demographic. While it is true that there are key differences between the motivations and strengths of Millennials compared to their older counterparts, successful managers like Eyal Gutentag have figured out how to harness these differences to create a dynamic and productive work environment. These key facts about Millennials workers will show you how to do the same thing in your company.

Tap Into Entitlement Ideas

A primary complaint of the younger generation is that they display a sense of entitlement. They want nice cars, have a larger-than-normal starter home, have a voice at the table, have time for their own pursuits, and so on. But this sense of entitlement is usually fueled by individuals that work long hours to afford the lifestyle they want. Millennials are motivated to move up in the corporate ladder, so reducing repetition at the job and improving processes to maximize efficiency. Give them a platform to contribute ideas and share their thoughts.

Tap Into the Independence

Millennials tend to catch a lot of grief for being needy, always looking for support, mentoring, and wanting to feel appreciated. However, they display equally strong tendencies toward independence, especially in the workplace. They consider what it will take to be successful, then strategically plan how to reach those goals. Provide your Millennial employees with feedback and mentors, also putting in place a support system that can allow them to control their tasks but with a safety net.

Tap Into Their Motivation

Its an unfortunate stereotype that has all Millennials eating vegan, wearing grunge, and wanting to save the world, since a more eco-friendly lifestyle would be better for the environment. Millennials are interested in doing good for the world around them, but they have a higher priority to do their job well. They want employment where they are making a positive difference, but yet where they are compensated for how well they are doing in this respect.

The keep to working with Millennials is reaching them through their strengths. This demographic has a lot to offer your company if you are willing to look past what you think you know about them.

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