Men's Hairstyles Perfect for School Formals

Men Hairstyles Perfect for School Formals

School formals are not only meant for girls who just completed high school. Men should celebrate this milestone equally as well.

There is a lot of planning that goes into a school formal, from the venue to the catering, the limo transport and of course the attire.

As girls work on looking their best, men should do the same. This is from their shoes to the outfits that they choose.

As they choose their formal wear, they should consider their hairstyle too. Whether it is short or long, there are different styles to choose from.

The hairstyle should not only match their outfit, but they should also feel comfortable and look great. Remember, the photos will be proof of how stylish you were at this special event.

Short Bob with Long

Want to pull off a celebrity look? You can go for a short bob with long bangs. You will feel like Westlife as you arrive at the event.

This style goes well for those with thick hair and are looking for a way to outline their eyes. Just get someone who can work on your hair to achieve the look.

Shaggy Bob

If you are committed to taking care of your hair daily, this will be a perfect look. It is not only great daily but also when attending a school formal.

The bangs should be long and straight for a handsome look. Although it is a bit demanding due to regular brushing, you can never go wrong with this look.

Highlighted Bangs

A hairstyle with highlighted bangs will enhance an outstanding outfit. This is a style that suits most youths.

It is something that you can go confidently when you have an oval face. Even if you are skinny, you should not shy away from pulling this look.


Faux hawk hairstyle is ideal for a school formal. Just like its name suggests ‘hawk’ at the crown, the hair layer is extended as it is longer.

At the back, the hair is shorter. It offers an excellent look when well done.

Comb over Hairstyles

You can opt to go for a low comb-over or a middle-parted one. You will attain a sleek look with the former while the latter gives you a romantic look.

With the low comb-over, a long taper fade is created and hair gel is applied into the top part of the hair. This part is also organized into a loose comb-over.

With the middle-parted comb-over, a taper fade is created and styling gel used after the top part is parted in the middle.

Combed Back Layers

If you are looking for a style that fits your unique school formal outfit, you may want to consider the sleek combed back layers. Whether you are wearing a tuxedo suit or a simple casual outfit, this style will be suitable.

Perhaps, you want to boost your personality and give your face some height. The hairstyle will be ideal. You do not have to worry about the shape of your face.

Now, Over to You

After hard work and years of studying, it is time to celebrate leaving high school. This is an opportunity to invite friends and family and dress up. Your hair is part of it and you should choose a style that you are comfortable in and suits the event.

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