Officials Make Mobile App Development Simple With Xamarin And Visual Studio

xamarin mobile apps development

Officials have laid out their plans to bring Xamarin and Visual studio together for app development. It is true that MS officials are preparing cross-platform tools of Xamarin available in Visual Studio, at no additional cost and is open sourcing the Xamarin SDK.

Also, developers will be able to use Xamarin app development services (like Test Cloud and Xamarin University) along with the existing MS mobile development features.

Can You Tell What This Multi-Platform Strategy Means for App Developers?

Xamarin makes it easy and straightforward for developers to use their existing C# code and make modifications and compile it into native iOS, android and Windows smartphones with native interfaces.

This is not meant for those developers who write Android or iOS apps, but it is important for corporate Windows developers who have held back on mobile apps as they can now build their apps for third party mobile platforms.

The trend of Xamarin app development will continue as Microsoft is pushing its apps onto all important platforms instead of just trying to keep them on Windows to make the operating system secure from unauthorized access.

With the addition of Xamarin in its development tool list, the officials tell that it is glad to assist developers in developing apps for any platform- as long as they involve MS development tools.

Xamarin the future of apps

Xamarin was surely available to developers prior it was acquired by MS officials, but many organizations were little scared about switching to the platform while it was an independent company.

The Xamarin integration into Microsoft’s developer tools takes officials one step forward towards their vision of supporting “any developer, any platform, any app.” Developers can make fully native apps with Xamarin for Android, Windows, and iOS using the power and productivity of Microsoft’s development tools and services.

You Need To-

  1. Setup and install the Xamarin and Visual Studio. This process will take 2-4 hours (depending on your internet speed)
  2. Run installers
  3. Complete the installation process and verify your Xamarin environment

What To Do if Xamarin Project Templates are Missing?

When you install Xamarin directly from official website, template might be missing. Having Visual Studio 2015 will make it easy to fix. You just need to enable the Xamarin for Visual Studio 2015 feature available in the Xamarin setup program.

  1. Open Programs and Features in control panel. Select Xamarin item and click Change.
  2. Click Next and then Change in the setup wizard for Xamarin.
  3. You will see Xamarin for Visual Studio 2015 in the list of optional features to install. Expand the option -> select will be installed on local drive, and proceed by clicking Next.

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