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Using pay for it casinos (mobile payment solution) for fast depositing online

Payforit is an online payment method that allows you to use your mobile phone as a solution for online casinos. It works by charging you through your mobile phone bill instead of directly from your credit card, making it easy for you to make payments with a phone number. No need for paypal or credit cards on hand. It has revolutionised the way that people pay for casino services on their mobile phones and it has grown in popularity since its launch in 2007. Check here for a payforit casino list if you are looking to use payforit yourself.

How payforit works
Payforit is very simple in how it works. You first of all have to have a contract or Pay as You Go plan with one of the big UK mobile phone providers: EE, O2, Vodaphone, Virgin, BT or Three. Once you have an account, you simply enter your phone number into the service that you are looking to deposit into and they will send a code to your phone. Once you enter the code back into the service you will be charged on your mobile phone plan and the money will be deposited into the casino account that you decided to use. Very simple!

Why mobile is taking over
Over the past decade, there has been a huge swing towards mobile. Brands are investing more and more into creating mobile experiences better for their customers. There are many online casinos that have created their own apps in order to make the games better for their users too. Payforit has a great place in market for brands as it allows everything to be ‘truly mobile’. Even for those in countries where gambling apps are censored, it is possible access gambling sites by spoofing an IP address with a VPN before proceeding with Payforit. Hence, it’s very possible that mobile phones will surpass the power and quality of large computers as this is the trend that average consumers push towards.

Payforit offers a great way of paying that provides privacy and easiness to mobile payments when gambling online. It will help you stay away from scams as most services that use the payforit service are approved by payforit meaning that less scammers will have access to it. You’ll also have the security of knowing that the money is coming from your phone bill and scammers will not be stealing that 16 digit credit card number!

If you enjoy online gambling, then payforit could be a great option for you to check out. There are many resources that you can look at online to find the best payforit casino. Happy gambling!

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