Yamaha FJR1300

Top 3 Mods for Yamaha FJR1300

Your Yamaha FJR1300 is a formidable machine, combining the best of the sport and touring genres in one versatile bike. Whether you’re riding a classic model or a newer FJR, you likely have two major goals: keeping it in top condition and modifying it to suit your performance needs and tastes. For the former, you want the best Yamaha FJR1300 OEM parts on the market. When trying to achieve the latter, your focus is going to be on aftermarket mods. There are so many modification possibilities, but three key upgrades will help you enjoy immediate performance improvements with your Yamaha FJR1300.

Sargent World’s Sport Performance Seat

Hey wait a minute, you might be thinking. Right out of the gate is a recommended seat modification? But consider this: comfort is king when you’re riding a sport touring machine like the FJR1300. Some riders find that the stock Yamaha seat doesn’t quite meet their needs, so they switch it out for an aftermarket model like Sargent World Sport Performance Seat.

Why is Sargent World’s seat a top pick? For one, this model features the brand’s Super Cell Atomic Foam. This innovative material is a type of closed-cell foam that provides a springy suspension regardless of the weight load on the seat. Pair that with a lightweight precision-molded Polytec base pan and a marine-grade CarbonFX vinyl cover that’s also UV-stabilized and mildew-resistant. Riders enjoy comfort, support and durability from this top-rated aftermarket seat.

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Motorcycle Tire

When considering recommended aftermarket parts for motorcycles, it might be easy to overlook tires. In truth, tires are one of the simplest modifications to make on a new bike. The FJR1300 is no exception, and the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Motorcycle Tire is an ideal choice. This top-rated model is a tubeless dual-compound radial and W-rated for speeds above 168 MPH. Michelin’s 2CT technology is unique in that its tread surface is split into three distinct areas with two different rubber compounds. The Pilot Power’s durable center is combined with a soft shoulder rubber for improved cornering.

National Cycle Wide Heavy Duty Touring Windshield

Surprise, surprise! Here’s another recommended body mod in this list. Some riders discover that they require more protection on the road than what the stock Yamaha windshield provides, especially if they’re taking their bike on long distances or across the country.

The National Cycle Wide Heavy Duty Touring Windshield is an excellent alternative to the OEM version for several reasons. For one thing, it looks incredibly cool with its sleek surface, elliptical shape and curved top. But what’s really noteworthy is how this DOT/ABE approved windshield is manufactured. National Cycle used 4.0-millimeter Quantum-coated Lexan polycarbonate for superior durability, which makes this windshield virtually indestructible. The size and shape offer quite a bit of coverage for even larger and taller riders. You’ll need the separately sold mounting kit, but this windshield is a wise investment for your FJR1300.

Shop Smart To Mod Smart

Whether it’s the best Yamaha OEM parts or top-shelf mods for your FJR1300, where you buy your parts matters just as much as what you purchase. Choose a reputable dealer with a wide selection, a trustworthy reputation and exceptional customer service.

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