Most Common Cyber Crimes

Most Common Cyber Crimes

The critical role that the internet has played in transforming the world is indisputable. It has dwarfed distance and allowed people from different continents to connect without physically meeting. Essential services like learning, access to social services, and governance have been made much easier through online platforms. Today, many organizations own customized websites to market and offer their services online, making physical meetings unnecessary.

However, serious challenges have also been experienced in this transformation. Cyber crimes have been at an all-time high, signaling the need for people to equip themselves with knowledge of cybersecurity. The good news is that you can get a masters in cyber security online.

What are cyber-crimes and the most common types?

Cybercrime is any activity that seeks to illegally access private information owned by an individual or an organization. Most cyber-crimes are committed with the aim of fraudulently obtaining money from an unsuspecting victim. Some hackers are only interested in blackmailing their victims and having control over their systems. Below are some of the most common types of cybercrimes;

Phishing scams

Phishing scams happen when cybercriminals use personal details like email addresses owned by an organization or individual to trick people into giving up personal information or going ahead to click malicious links. Such data can be used to extort money or gain access to highly sensitive data.

Website spoofing

Website spoofing is the act of imitating an existing website for the purposes of stealing money or data. This crime is designed to trick you into thinking that you are dealing with a legitimate site. Countless people have fallen prey to the adverse effects of cybercrimes like website spoofing.


This refers to any malicious software designed to damage a particular computer or a network of computers. Examples of malware that can affect a computer’s functionality include; Trojans, worms, viruses, rootkits, and spyware. It is highly recommended that you use security software to secure your laptop or computers.


Ransomware is a cyber-crime that happens when criminals illegally gain access and steal sensitive information. They then demand a ransom to restore or surrender the information. Criminals who engage in this kind of cyber-crime are highly skilled in manipulating IT (Information and Technology) systems and programs to get whatever they want from computer memory or servers.

Essential cybersecurity measures

Having discussed some of the dangers that cybercrime poses to every individual or organization, it is critical to discuss essential measures adapted to dealing with cybercrime. They include:

· Putting up a firewall – Network security. Firewalls are designed to filter all information coming in through the internet and prevent malicious files from being accidentally downloaded. A network security firewall also denies hackers and other cybercriminals access to your sensitive details or information.

· Control Access – This is a security technique that aims to control access to computers or resources in a computing environment by regulating the process of accessing a computer or information within the computer. There are two types of access control: physical and logical.

In this internet era, organizations and individuals find it convenient to store data on their computers. However, such information can be accessed by cyber criminals who would use it for ill purposes like extortion or blackmailing. It is therefore essential to invest in cybersecurity measures and acquire relevant knowledge on how to handle cyber-crime.

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