Free Data Recovery Software 2018

Most Preferred Free Data Recovery Software in 2018

Sometimes people lose their important data and files from the hard drive by accidentally pressing the Shift+Del key, or due to a software virus or bug that corrupts your hard drive. In such cases, you will need to acquire some of the best and effective data recovery tools to restore your vital data and files.

When looking for data recovery software in the market, you might get overwhelmed due to the endless options available to choose from. However, you have to pick the best tool for retrieving your lost data and to help you out, here is a compiled list of top data recovery utilities in 2018 that comes with different qualities to cater to your specific needs.


It is not surprising to see Recuva making to the top of the best data recovery tool list, as it has the ability to restore data from hard disk, CD or DVDs, external drives, and memory cards. When it comes to hard drive and photo recovery capabilities, nothing outruns Recuva. Some of the effective features of Recuva include superior restoration of files, advanced deep scan mode, good user interface, cost-effective tool, preview screen prior to the final recovery, and the ability to retrieve data from newly formatted or damaged files.


It is open source software that was formed with a purpose to get back lost partitions and repair non-bootable disks. Thanks to its eclectic features and file recovery mechanism, TestDisk can easily be the best software for you to recover your lost data and files. The unique selling point of TestDisk is that this software is ideal for both novices and experts. It allows the users to rebuild or recover the boot sector. In addition, this software is available on all the major platforms such as Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

Stellar Data Recovery

When it comes to performing a great job in recovering all your corrupted data and files from your system, Stellar data recovery can help you out in every way. It is a risk-free program that allows data recovery from various types of storage devices such as USB drives, hard disks, and smartphones, and memory cards. You can also take the help of a New York data recovery firm and they can easily guide you on how to use the application for retrieving your data. The best part of using Stellar data recovery is that you actually have an access to the preview of the lost files that can be recovered through the tool.

Undelete 360

With a blue color theme and ribbon-style toolbar, this MS office application lookalike data recovery software comprises of an efficient algorithm that allows the users to undelete files and data. The software does a great job in restoring recently deleted files in contrast to other free data recovery tools. Undelete 360 is effective in recovering file types including HTML, AVI, PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG, DOC, MP3, and many more.


The above-mentioned list provides an insight into the best data recovery tools that are currently present in the market this year. When it comes to choosing the best data recovery software for retrieving your data and files, you have to consider the qualities of all the tools available, as well as, your requirements at the same time.

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