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Need for Share Market Analysis in the Modern Market

Stock market analysis enables traders and investors to recognise the primary value of a stock even before investing in it. Analysing and evaluating the history and current information of different markets can help traders make informed decisions. With India’s gross domestic product (GDP) rising from $414 billion in 2001 to $1.3 trillion in 2010, there has been a simultaneous increase in the business capitalisation of the Indian corporations from $165 billion in 2001 to $1.3 trillion in 2010. However, the growth in the share market hasn’t been consistent over the years, and that’s why there is a dire need for stock market analysis in the current market scenario.

Importance of Stock Market Analysis

Conducting research before selecting an investment medium and the capital to invest is vital to gain good returns. Doing so can help an investor clear all the assumptions and determine the value and anticipated performance of an investment. Following share market tips is ideal to ensure that you are making an investment that’ll give you excellent returns. For instance, before purchasing, be it a phone or a car, you tend to do research about its quality and performance. The same rule applies to an investment.

If you invest in an equity, you buy a certain portion of a company which will probably earn you profits when there is a rise in the valuation of the company. With stock market analysis, you can ascertain whether a share is overpriced or fairly priced. Equity traders and short-term investors perform share market analysis and make an investment decision depending on the result of the analysis for better returns. By utilising stock analysis, traders can ascertain which is a good company to invest in based on its market value, earnings, revenues, share price, the company’s management and financial standing.

Types of Stock Analysis

There are two major types of stock analysis: Fundamental analysis and technical analysis. These analyses are helpful for interpreting the share market in their respective way.

  • Fundamental Analysis:

Fundamental analysis is a method of studying a company at a basic financial level. This type of analysis reviews the principal ratios of a company to ascertain its financial strength and also give an understanding of the value of its share. Fundamental analysis takes various factors into account such as macroeconomic, asset management, market outlooks, revenue, and interest rates of a company. If you don’t intend to perform a thorough fundamental analysis, it is always good to understand the key terms and ratios to follow stock market accurately.

  • Technical Analysis:

Compared to fundamental analysis which concentrates on obtaining a company’s “true value,” technical analysis focuses on the research of past market performance to predict the future price valuation of a share. Technical analysts investigate the financial market as a whole and are essentially concerned with volume and price. Graphs are an essential instrument for technical analysis as they present an illustration of a share’s development over a certain period of time.

Both fundamental and technical analysis can be done separately or collectively. Some analysts utilise both the methods, while some stick to just one. Either way, using stock analysis to vet stocks, and market industries is an outstanding way of building the best investment plan for a portfolio.

Tools Used For Stock Market Analysis

Most of the analysts use advanced share market analysis tools to perform technical analysis. These investment tools are beneficial in rendering information on prediction and additional valuable data that can support a share buying decision. For new traders or fresh investors, it becomes quite important to use such tools in order to research accurately, and analytical softwares can help in managing the analytical activity on a share trader’s behalf. Recently, these share trading tools have developed in popularity as they’ve become more accessible on a consumer-based level.

Share market analysis tools are one of the most powerful ways in which an investor can ensure good returns from an investment. There are plenty of small and medium-level investors and large multinational corporations that employ stock analysis software and tools. The applications work by strategising and designing graphs/charts for interpreting data and simplifying the decision-making process. They also give share market advice that can be utilised by the traders for selecting a profitable share.

If you’re a stock market investor, then it’s imperative for you to stay updated with the current market movements. From monitoring the real-time valuation of a stock, creating a virtual portfolio, designing stocks graphs, to tracking market trends; everything must be up-to-date. When you invest in a proper manner, it can be a confirmation of a good return on your investment. Before investing in the stock market you must know the basic techniques, technicalities and strategies of stock investment. So good luck and invest wisely!

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