Own Your Own Art Masterpiece Without Spending A Fortune
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Own Your Own Art Masterpiece Without Spending A Fortune

Don’t let your wall looks dull. If you want to get more creative ideas and feel more comfortable, you may pick the right art to hang on your wall. Let’s face it, most of us are not art collectors or know the nuances of appreciating or critiquing art. However, we do like to have art pieces in our home to give it a rich and polished feel or simply for the vibrancy they lend to our house.

But pick up a misfit of an art work and you stand the risk of going horribly wrong. Been there, done that and learned my lessons the hard way. So be informed and careful when you pick art for your home. Not sure how to go about it? This post will give you tips and ideas that will equip you to pick the most appropriate artworks for your home.

Asses Your Budget

You probably won’t expect assessing the budget as the first step of picking great art for your home. But before you let your imagination and finances flow in pursuit of great art, set aside a certain amount on how much you want to spend on buying art work for your home. This will help you eliminate pieces that are out of your budget, prevent the ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ debate, and save you a lot of yearning and heartbreak. Once you are done with the first step of setting a budget, let your aesthetic sense take over.

Analyze Your Art Preferences

Our home should be a reflection of our personalities. It is an extension of ourselves and hence we should pick home décor, furniture, paintings that we like or want. So what are your and your family’s art preferences? Do you want the magnificence of the Victorian era in your living room through Impressionistic or Romantic paintings or do you want landscapes and ocean hues to lend the serenity and beauty of the blue waters to your bedroom? Analyze your art preferences and what exactly you are seeking from the paintings. Even if this takes some time, it will be worth it.

Watch the Colors

Even the most beautiful painting can sometimes do nothing for your home. That is because this painting was just not meant for your home. Take into account the color schemes, the furniture, and other décor that will accompany the painting.

A burst of color in nude and pale interiors is trendy. But see if the painting complements the walls and furniture in your house. Do not follow trends blindly.

Paintings in bright colors, distinct from other décor of the room, can add freshness and zing to it. On the other hand, opt for paintings in variants of shades that run through the furniture, walls and other décor to lend an easy charm to your room.

Where You Place It, Matters

Placement of a painting is almost as important as the painting itself. Give your painting a unique and comfortable residence. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind for the right placement of paintings.

1. Don’t shy away from big, vertical art. A long vertical painting will complement a tall wall fabulously. The same applies to horizontal paintings as well.

2. Big pieces of art work best in living rooms. Putting up a number of paintings in bulky frames may lead to cramping up the room. However, if you have sprawling walls you can pick one to display a number of paintings you like in different shapes and sizes to create a gallery-like feel.

3. Placing a painting above the fireplace is traditional but always lovely. If you have a nice fireplace, consider hanging a painting above for a dose of old world charm.

Hang or place paintings on spots where it will be illuminated well. A well-lit piece of art will grab attention immediately. However, do take caution not to hang paintings on walls that are directly opposite windows. The glare will blur the painting and the effect and beauty of the painting will be lost.

Play with Textures

While picking a painting, ensure that it adds something new to the room. Play with textures. If you already have landscapes and still figure paintings in abundance in your house and are looking to buy more art, opt for human figures in different backgrounds. If you have a lot of paintings in antique frames, place the new ones in bamboo or sleek metal frames for variety. The key word here is variety.

Similarly, do not feel apprehensive about fitting your abstract art collection in your traditional home décor. A contemporary painting in bright hues can make your plush leather sofa and fine teak tables with antique souvenirs come alive. The only requirement is the painting should complement and bring out the architectural elements in the home and vice versa.

Browse Online for Quality and Variety

Look at art displayed in galleries, exhibitions, restaurants and corporate offices. The more you see art in diverse places, the better you will understand it. You can opt to buy art physically from a shop or from an artist, but its easier to get artworks or artists online. You can browse through all types and styles of paintings from the comfort of your home and pick what you like the best.

So go ahead and get arty with your home decor!

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