Paid Subscription Services Hit Peak Performance During Lockdown

Paid Subscription Services Hit Peak Performance During Lockdown

Subscription services and membership sites have thrived over the course of the past 18 months. While many businesses have struggled to make ends meet, subscription and membership services have gone from strength to strength.

Complications brought about by the COVID-19 crisis transformed the way the world approached everything from adult entertainment to shopping for everyday groceries. We were suddenly in a position where shopping online was the only available option, so that’s exactly what we did – in record numbers

All the while, subscription services spanning all niches flourished like never before. From Microsoft Office to Goodreads to luxury food providers to local cam girls, the world has been reveling in the perks and privileges of paid memberships.

But what is it about subscription and membership services that holds such appeal? If everything you could ever wish for is available on demand, what’s the point in signing up for a subscription service?

To understand the appeal of paid subscriptions, you simply need to look at those who do them best. Irrespective of the niche they operate in, all high-quality membership sites and services do the same things the right way for their customers.

Whether it’s a gourmet coffee subscription or a paid porn site membership, you still walk away (figuratively) with the same benefits.

For example:

You Get Something of Undeniable Quality

Paying for a membership or subscription means gaining access to something you wouldn’t normally get for free. Consider things like software, streaming media or even your standard YouTube membership.  By stepping up to a paid package, you instantly get something superior. With more people having become accustomed to spending more time at home than ever before, it’s proved a small price to pay for added enjoyment and entertainment.

Exclusive Incentives and Member Privileges

True in all instances, whether setting up a paid adult entertainment account or opening a membership with your preferred online supermarket. One thing that always keeps customers coming back for more with paid subscriptions is access to exclusive incentives, perks and member privileges nobody else gets to enjoy.  Even if they’re relatively rudimentary in some instances, you still technically end up getting more for your money – which is always good.

Enhanced Customer Service Standards

When you’re technically getting something for free, you can’t realistically expect stellar customer service.  By contrast, pay for a subscription to something online, and you suddenly become the centre of the provider’s universe. That might be taking things a little far, but those who do it best note the importance of making their subscribers feel valued. They make it easy to get in touch, they provide dedicated support around the clock, and they ensure their subscribers know they’re important to them.

They Offer Free Trials

Subscription sites and services that don’t offer free trials are usually best avoided. If a provider is confident enough in its paid membership content, they should be more than happy to showcase it for free. After which, it’s entirely up to you whether you hand over your cash or not. You need only consider the biggest and most successful brands in the world (like Amazon or Netflix) and the approach they take to free trials. They never expect people to pay a penny, without first getting a taste for what’s on offer.

Customer Feedback and Requests Are Heard

Another mark of a great subscription service is a clear commitment to hearing and responding to customer feedback. Rather than adopting a passive approach to the whole thing, the best in the business encourages requests, recommendations and even constructive criticism. All of which provide vital information needed for the business to continually improve its offerings, for the benefit of all involved.

They Constantly Introduce New Perks and Privileges

A paid package of privileges and incentives quickly begins to stagnate, unless it is regularly refreshed. The most appealing subscription packages are therefore those that are dynamic – regularly improved and expanded by their respective providers. It’s always good to see something new and interesting being thrown your way, even if it’s technically a relatively token offering.

They Keep Things as Simple and Affordable as Possible

Last up, simplicity and affordability hold the key to all types of successful subscription services.  They should be universally affordable for anyone wanting to sign up, and as easy as possible to sign up for. Being forced to disclose your life story and hand over your life savings isn’t an appealing prospect for most.  Something that counts double when taking out an adult entertainment subscription, where discretion is key. The less you have to disclose to get your account up and running, the better!

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