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Do you think that your IKEA wardrobe requires a change? We’ll convince you that there is no need to buy a brand new one. If you’re bored of the appearance of your current wardrobe or you notice evidence of damage to the exterior, all you need to do is to replace the side panels and the fronts. We’re pleased to create personalized fronts for you, which can replace your existing IKEA doors and make your wardrobe look brand new appeal. If you decide to change the entire cabinet, be aware that at the IKEA store you can purchase the IKEA frame for your wardrobe, but without IKEA doors. You can also order from us our designer fronts for an exact model of wardrobe that perfectly fit the dimensions. Visualization tools like IKEA Pax Planner will help you design your wardrobe. The installation process will be simple, and you will be able to manage it on your own. They also have attractive knobs and handles for that new closet. With this, you’ll have your new wardrobe, which will be individual.

New designs for IKEA wardrobe – What’s the reason it’s worth it?

There are many reasons you should think about updating your IKEA wardrobe with Pax planner tools.

New wardrobe – simple and quick

A complete overhaul with the IKEA wardrobe could cause an enormous amount of work for your home. The first step is to get rid of all the clothes, take apart the IKEA wardrobe, and then dispose of it. Then, you can transport your new IKEA wardrobe as well as assembling and putting it back. It’s much easier to do, quicker and more efficient to replace your existing IKEA doors with fronts that Pax planner offer. Should the sides panels or knobs and handles need replacing, we’ll supply the replacements. All you need to do to refresh you IKEA wardrobe is to select new IKEA doors knobs and handles taking the parcel and quickly replacing the existing pieces of IKEA wardrobe with new models.

New wardrobe, low cost

Pax Planner Wardrobe solutions

A major transformation in the form of purchasing a new wardrobe can be a hefty price. Why should you invest in a new wardrobe when the inside of your current IKEA wardrobe is in good condition and you’re familiar with it? It’s best to just replace the existing IKEA doors using our doors, and not be tempted to change handles and knobs. You’ll get the same look and feel that you get from that IKEA wardrobe, but without the excessive costs. It’s a smart idea Isn’t it?


Do you have a desire to see the interior decor of your house that is different from the norm? Do you enjoy the fact that your family and friends are interested in unusual pieces of furniture in your home? If you replace the IKEA doors of your IKEA closet with custom fronts, you’ll be able to feel you’ve achieved distinctiveness in the design for your living space. The wide range of textures, colours, knobs, furniture or the kind of glossy finish makes your IKEA wardrobe unique.

Dimensional and solid

It’s not a concern about the fact that our doors for your wardrobe are an inferior imitation of IKEA’s genuine IKEA doors. They pay close focus on the strength of the fronts along with the side panels as well as knobs and handles to ensure that they will last and are long-lasting. While the original IKEA doors are usually not coated with any kind of gloss, they put on the color you prefer. All IKEA doors are made to the identical dimensions of the original IKEA plans.

Professional guidance

Ikea Pax Planner recognize that many of us lack enough imagination to create IKEA wardrobes. If the tools available for IKEA visualization of your wardrobe are not enough, and within our blog posts there aren’t any interesting ideas to design your ideal IKEA wardrobe, we’ll be glad to help you in this area. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you decide which knobs and handles to pick or which fronts can be able to replace your existing IKEA doors in a good way.

Pax Planner from IKEA

Individualized IKEA wardrobe

It is likely that you will think the IKEA wardrobes are extremely practical. However, they don’t provide a lot of choices in colour and style. Thanks to us, you have more options in this space. When designing your ideal IKEA wardrobe, you should be sure to make use of tools for arranging the IKEA wardrobe’s interior, like IKEA Pax Planner, however the exterior accessories like doors, knobs and handles that you can purchase from us. Instead of the traditional IKEA knobs and handles, you can choose more luxurious and comfortable designs. Instead of the standard IKEA doors, you’ll select doors’ fronts that are a combination of texture, color and the type of gloss you select. This will ensure that your IKEA wardrobe exactly what you would like it to have it. The custom IKEA wardrobe is not just the solution to your wants and desires, but also ensure that your wardrobe is in line with the design of your interior.

IKEA Pax Planner wardrobe visualization tools

The wardrobe you have now can be transformed into a fantastic wardrobe because you are able to pick every element your own. Are you not happy with the suggested by the manufacturer, the interior design of your new wardrobe? Visualization tools like IKEA Pax Planner will help you determine the best location for shelves and racks so that you can decide on the frame that will work best for you. Also, you can look at the different designs of doors however, only with us can you purchase fronts with the right colours, texture, gloss, and colours. The new wardrobe will also come with our unique knobs and handles to create a truly unique. It’s simple – because IKEA provides you with a wide range of options in terms of interior design, Pax planner offer numerous options to alter the look of your IKEA wardrobe.

Doors replacement for IKEA wardrobes with delivery

The fronts you order that replace the doors of your wardrobe as well as the handles and knobs will be delivered right to your doorstep. While their journey from the manufacturer can be quite long but you do not have to be concerned about the quality of the products you receive. They ensure that every package is packed properly, to safeguard the contents from being damaged. You will receive the components for your brand-new IKEA wardrobe in the maximum period of 6 weeks from the time of your order (8 months on Classic Max products).

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