Perks of Having a Golf Club Membership

7 Perks of Having a Golf Club Membership

Chances are that if you are an avid golfer, you’re likely already aware of the many benefits that being a member of a golf club offers. However, you might not have known that the benefits of being a member go far beyond simply sneaking in a quick round or two. In fact, some of the best parts about being a member of a golf club happen far away from the course itself.

1. Improving Your Golf Game

Of course, the most obvious benefit of joining a golf club is the chance to work on your golf game. As a member, many clubs like PipeStone Golf Club offer free access to their courses, with only cart rental fees. Others may still allow members to have access to otherwise hard-to-access courses, or preferential hours to play a round.

It is not just the golf itself. Members also get easy access to putting greens, driving ranges and time with pros. To top it off, many clubs offer discounts to members for shopping at their pro shops.

2. Other Sports, Too!

That said, many golf clubs offer much more than just golf. Tennis courts, swimming pools, and racquetball also feature heavily at many golf clubs. In addition, many sport top of the line fitness centers, where you will rarely have to wait for a machine. All of this is kept clean and in perfect working condition by a dedicated crew of professionals.

3. The Bar and Restaurant

If you’re looking for the chance to relax, either before golfing or instead of it, look no further than the bars and restaurants offered by golf clubs. All are great establishments, with knowledgeable bartenders who will take the time to learn the preferences of their members, making them feel at home.

The restaurants attached to many golf clubs are also top-tier, featuring access to the sort of chef whose expertise commands the need for reservations downtown. However, as a member, you’ll be able to walk right in and be seated.

4. Hosting Guests

This level of access makes golf clubs especially popular places for hosting business and personal guests. For those who are really seeking to impress guests, the ability to say, “let’s meet at my club”, can really go the extra mile.

It is not just professional guests who benefit. Rather than attempting to deal with the logistics of a small gathering at your home, consider having your club host it. Parking will be abundant, and you’re not stuck doing the dishes the next day.

5. Networking

It is not just useful to entertain people who you already know at a golf club; instead, some valuable business connections can be made as a result. Many golf clubs recognize that when their members do well financially, it reflects back well on the club itself. It also means that they will be more willing to recommend membership to other people, increasing revenues for the club! Therefore, take advantage of both formal and informal networking opportunities, most of which are members only.

6. Meeting People

You’ll also find that the chance to meet people goes beyond the business sphere. Many great friendships have started as a result of simply striking up a conversation while at a golf club. An obvious common interest, as well as something to talk about after each round, means that you’ll be able to quickly turn new acquaintances into warm friends.

7. Helping Family Members

Finally, membership in a golf club can help your family members, especially children. Caddying has provided many a first summer job to the sons of members, while giving them the opportunity to begin networking themselves. Additionally, many clubs offer scholarships or internship opportunities, as well as the chance to speak with local business leaders.

What Are You Waiting For?

Even if you don’t know a putter from a driver, there are still plenty of reasons to consider joining a golf club. For those passionate about the game, there are many more. Whatever your feelings about golf, chances are that you may be able to find your own great reasons for joining.

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