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At some point in time, we wish to have a juice presser for fresh and healthy juice. The nutrient value of fresh juice is comparatively high then the packed ones. Therefore, it is a wise decision to buy a juice presser to get instant fresh juice. However, before buying juicer presser one must look at various aspects of the machine. Here are a few points to ponder before buying juice presser.

#1. Design: As juicers come in various size, design, and colors, therefore, one must consider the kitchen space and size of the juicer. The compact ones are easy to use, store and clean. Hence, those who have limited kitchen space must buy the compact juicer.

#2. Pulp Yielding: It is an important factor to consider and one must not forget to consider the amount of pulp yielding capacity of the juice presser. The cold press juicers are most pulp yielding juicers along with that it retains the essential nutrients, which in turn enhances the taste of the juice.

#3. Easily Ejecting Pulp: The pulp ejecting facility of the juicer is of utmost importance. Hence, always consider this factor in any juicer. Be it vegetables or fruits, internal or external, the cold press juicer consists pulp-collecting container. Whereas, external containers make juicing a hassle-free task and you can extract juice without stopping in between to empty the pulp basket.

#4. Function of Motor: You cannot skip this, as it is vital to consider the motor power and functionality. If you want the juice of leafy vegetables, then you must look for a powerful juicer. Juicer with at least 400 watts is capable of juicing leafy vegetables. Besides, you must look at your juicing requirement a day. Hence, consider the motor power of the juicer as per your need and usage.

#5. Machine Noise Level: Although it might be disturbing for some, it maybe not an issue for other, However, sometimes, the noise level of the juicer can be annoying. Here, you must be aware of the fact that the cold press juicer is less noisy, whereas centrifugal juicer is much louder. Hence, consider this factor before buying any juice presser.

#6. Juice Presser Speed: Next, an important thing to consider is the speed at which the juicer operates. Although we like everything working at fast pace, high speed juicer increases the heat and temperature of juicing. This, in turn, harms the nutrients and vitamins while juicing procedure. The heat released in the process oxidizes the fibers and essential nutrients of the fruits and vegetables.

#7. Size of the Feeder Tube: Dicing and slicing of the fruits and vegetables to fit in the feeder is a time-consuming task. Hence, choose the juicer with a larger feeding tube. Consider it before choosing the juice presser as it will accommodate the large fruits and vegetables, without chopping.

#8. Convenience of Using: Well, we all look for the convenience these days. Hence, juice presser, which is easy to assemble and disassemble is the best. Moreover, the ones, which do not take much time to clean, are the best. Hence, the juicer, which comes with a larger feeding tube, lesser parts are much convenient to use and clean.

#9. Cleaning Time: This is the most important aspect to consider. As if cleaning will be time-consuming then it will create inconvenience. The juicers with most of the parts are time taking and cleaning becomes a hassle. Therefore, consider buying a juice presser with fewer parts and easy to clean.

Overall, if you consider the aforementioned points while buying juice presser you are sure to buy the best from the lot. It is important to buy from a reputed dealer.

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