The Pros And Cons Of Living In The Southeastern States Of The USA

The Pros And Cons Of Living In The Southeastern States Of The USA

There are a total of nine states that make up the southeastern region of The United States of America. While these regions are very similar in nature, there is a lot that sets them all apart. For example, even two states divided into northern and southern areas like North and South Carolina have their individual characteristics. South Carolina is closer to the equator than its northern partner, which means that it receives a much warmer climate.

While it is interesting evaluating the differences between the places that are so close to each other, they all have one very big thing in common. That is the fact that there are some definite pros and cons to living in the southeastern states of the USA.

1. Pro: Landscapes

A single landscape is a nice way to define a state in the US. Many people will think of the vast desert flats whenever they think of Nebraska, for example. However, those who live in such places will want more variety. Fortunately, that is exactly what the southeastern states can provide.

There aren’t many places on the globe that offer both a mountainous landscape and a series of sunny beachfronts. However, the state of Georgia and both North and South Carolina have some high peaks to travel across while also featuring the eastern coastline. Let’s also not forget that sunny Florida is also grouped in with this series of states. It is known as the sunshine state for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you experience this sunshine in a busy city, at the beach, or atop a mountain.

Con: Flooding

The ability to hit the beach whenever you feel like it is one positive of living so close to the coastline. Unfortunately, such a location also comes with a downside. That is the risk of flooding.

The steady rise in sea levels is causing certain beachfront properties to become flooded. However, this part of the world is also in a region that is subject to some serious weather effects. Things like heavy thunderstorms, hurricanes, and humid climates mean that the area is prone to receiving a lot of rain. With so much of the landscape below the mountains being low-lying, it has left a lot of these states prone to flooding.

2. Pro: Low House Prices

It is no secret that current events around the globe are causing house prices to shoot up. There are even some who predict that the current generation is the last one that will successfully make it into the property ladder. Fortunately, it seems that the southeastern parts of the United States are one of the only areas not affected by this change. In fact, house prices in the region have even fallen in the region in the past year.

Therefore, anyone looking to get on the property market in the States could find their answer in real estate in Charleston, South Carolina. As always, anyone looking for homes for sale should always get in contact with real estate agents in the area. Property prices are always in flux; however, so it is a good idea to start looking on EZ Home Search now. The region is also known for having a low cost of living. This means that you can live quite comfortably in the area once you have bought your house.

Con: Hot Summers

The idea of a hot summer may not be too off-putting for some. There are those who love nothing more than soaking up the sunshine in their own back garden. Factor in the fact that some summers in Florida can reach heights of over ninety degrees Fahrenheit, though, and these summers turn from enjoyable to uncomfortable.

There is a major difference between experiencing a nice hot day and soaking in your own sweat. This extreme heat may be enough to deal with for visitors. However, just think about having to deal with this unpleasantness every day for over three months.

3. Pro: Mild Winters

On the flip side, there are very few people who like having to wade through lashings of rain to get where they are going. The positive side of having such extremely hot summers is that the winters are quite mild. This means that the people who hate having to snuggle up against the cold in the wintertime no longer have to in this part of the world.

If you really wanted to view this as a positive, you can also view the fact that there any extreme weather effects will come with a weather warning. This means that you will rarely get caught in an unexpected downpour.

Con: Bad For Those With Seasonal Allergies

Hayfever and other irritations are bad enough as you often find that you have to stay indoors when the weather turns nice to avoid unpleasant symptoms. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues once you learn what types of plants to avoid. However, there are a lot of these allergy inducing plants in the southeastern states of the United States.

Pollen spreads freely around this part of the world due to the warm climate and ocean breeze. What’s more, this is also a place where things like ragweed and tall grass can grow tall. As such, anyone with seasonal allergies will struggle to avoid their symptoms when spring and summertime hits.

4. Pro: Rich In History

Anyone looking to discover the identity of a location only has to look at its history. The States in the southeastern region are fortunately very rich in historically significant locations.

In this area you can find the Boone Plantation, Yorktown, Kings Mountain, and Charleston. All of these places are great for a day out, but they can also help you learn more about where you live. What’s more, an abundance of historical locations is going to lead to more tourist trade in the area. This means that there is always going to be a steady stream of income being brought to the area.

Con: Healthcare Is Scarce

The main problem with a lack of healthcare facilities is that timing is often crucial in a medical emergency. While it is true that some of the major cities in the area have large healthcare facilities, it doesn’t mean much for those who live in the countryside. As such, healthcare isn’t readily available in this part of the world to those who live far away from the urban areas.

5. Pros: Friendly People

The southern states in America are renowned for something that the locals call southern charm. This charm also extends to those who live in the southeastern part of the country. As such, you will find this region to be full of warm and friendly people.

Southern charm reflects the attitudes of a group of people who only want what is best for everyone. As such, they will go the extra mile to look after visitors and neighbors alike. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like that?


Many people are aware of the state of Florida because of its holiday potential. However, its surrounding states also have plenty to offer. Now you can see it from reviewing the pros and cons of the region.

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