Building Muscle Mass

Protein or Carbs? What Is Recommended More for Building Muscle Mass?

Both proteins and carbohydrates are necessary macronutrients that are required for sustaining health and energy. A balanced diet comprising the recommended daily doses of these wonderful nutrients meant specifically for your type of body, along with recommended strength training program would be improving your opportunity to build muscle mass. As protein and carbohydrates play significant but distinct roles in effective muscle building, you get the maximum gains when you consume enough of both carbs and protein in your diet. You must necessarily seek your physician’s advice before you start any new nutrition plan.

Carbohydrates: Best for Muscle Energy

Carbs play a critical role in providing your muscles with the chief energy source such as glucose. Post consuming a carbohydrate-rich food, the digestive system would be effectively breaking it down and distributing efficiently the resulting glucose through your bloodstream to the different tissues, muscles, and organs in your body. You would be using either glucose fast depending on your body’s precise needs, or storing it in your skeletal muscles and liver as glycogen, to be used later.

During the strenuous workout session, your body would be tapping into your glycogen reserve. However, if an additional carb boost is not required by your body, it would not disturb the reserve anyway.

Significant Role of Protein

Protein is an important fuel source for your muscles. However, protein is regarded as the fundamental building block comprising cells that would be repairing or building muscles and tissues. Your body would be generating amino acids in their non-essential state and then these are transformed into essential amino acids that are obtained from animal-based food items containing protein.

Protein’s main responsibility is to act as a building block so it usually, does not act as the muscular energy reserve unless you are sure that your body is lacking in ample carbs or glucose available readily. You may use legal steroid if recommended by your trainer and approved by your doctor.

Effectively Building Muscle Mass

Even though protein plays a pivotal role in building and sustaining muscle, consuming excess protein would not culminate in stronger or larger muscles. You could enhance your likelihood of building muscle mass by consuming a balanced diet comprising low-fat protein and carbohydrate sources.

If you ingest carbs about a couple of hours to almost four hours before the workout session, the muscle energy or glycogen reserve would be replenished or optimized. You are advised to consume without fail a healthy protein after and before a workout regimen for promoting muscle synthesis, as well as, repair.

Conclusion: More Factors to Consider

Simply having a healthy diet comprising carbs and protein would not be helping you in building muscle mass.  It is mandatory for you to participate in effective muscle-strengthening activities so that your muscles would be using energy and synthesizing development of new muscle.

Weightlifting, resistance training or an effective combination of cardio and weights could enhance your ability to acquire muscle mass.  Moreover, it is crucial to enjoy a well-rounded nutrition by including healthy fats such as fatty fish and walnuts for supplying extra energy boost to your muscles while performing exercises.


Author Bio: Phil Stevens is a qualified bodybuilder and gym instructor. He is an avid blogger and runs a bodybuilding and fitness blog. He advises you to buy legal steroid only when prescribed by your physician.

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