7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Auto Accident Law Firm

There are many cases when a crash isn’t a big deal. Although there are millions of accidents a year, you’ll only deal with accident repair and can easily get the help you need for the damage.

But when 50,735 accidents each year result in injury, that won’t always be the case. You’ll need to fight to get the extra help you need to get better.

If you want to succeed with your accident claim, you need to hire an auto accident law firm that gets results. Ask the seven questions below to potential attorneys to find one that will help you win your settlement.

1. Do You Have Car Accident Experience

The first thing to check about an accident attorney is their specialty. What works in one type of accident case won’t work in another. This means the car accident attorney you hire needs specialized experience with accident cases.

Ask the lawyers you interview how much they have with cases similar to yours. Anyone with the right experience can tell you about their case history. When getting this information, learn about a lawyer’s history of success with accident cases.

Even if someone has handled accident cases before, you don’t want to hire them if they don’t get their clients the settlements they deserve.

2. Will You Be Working on My Case?

Knowing who will handle your case is critical when hiring a lawyer. If you hire a firm and not an individual attorney, your case may be sent to another attorney once you sign the contract.

It’s fine when this happens. Most law firms don’t hire bad lawyers, so you can usually rest easy when someone takes over your case.

However, you still need to understand when this happens. Make sure you learn which lawyer will handle your case so you can learn about them before making your decision.

3. How Do You Charge Clients?

It’s essential to work with a lawyer who has flexible pricing terms. A service-based agreement or hourly rate will work fine if you only need a few forms filled out and don’t need much work from an attorney.

But that won’t be a good structure if you need more help with your case. In cases when the settlement you expect to receive is large, your case may require more work and not be a straightforward settlement. You may have too many lawyer fees in these situations.

A contingency agreement is the best choice for cases like this. Instead of paying for a lawyer’s time upfront, you only pay if the lawyer you hire wins — and use a percentage of your settlement amount for the payment.

4. Are You Willing to Go to Trial?

There will be some situations when you won’t be able to get a settlement for your case. The other party involved in the accident or insurance company won’t want to pay. In cases like this, you may end up going to trial.

The problem is that not every lawyer is willing to go to trial. Those lawyers prefer to settle cases because they are more straightforward.

You can’t afford to hire one of those lawyers in this situation. See if a lawyer has trial experience and if they are known to win their cases. Working with a successful trial lawyer can impact the other party involved because they are less likely to challenge a case in a trial when facing a lawyer who wins in court.

5. How Do You Communicate?

Working with a great communicator is critical in hiring a lawyer for an accident case. You’re probably already dealing with a lot of stress outside of your accident settlement. It’s even worse if you’re spending time getting treated for injuries.

You don’t want to be in the dark about your case during this process. It will leave you more stressed — which may impact your recovery.

Find a lawyer who will give constant updates about your case’s progress. You should be up to date on what’s happening and what your lawyer does.

6. What Will I Be Responsible For?

Different auto accident attorneys ask different things from their clients. Some attorneys want the people they represent to be very involved in their cases. They will regularly speak with their clients and look for further feedback to advance the case.

But other lawyers want their clients to take a hands-off approach. Those lawyers will handle most of the work in the background and only reach out to their clients when they need something they can’t do themselves.

Determine which of these situations works best for you and hire an auto accident lawyer who meets those expectations.

7. Can You Offer References?

Although you’ll usually get a good picture of the service you get from a law firm by speaking with them, that won’t always be the case. Some attorneys will embellish their skills and not offer excellent service after you hire them.

Listening to people who have used an attorney before will help you avoid making a hiring mistake. See if an attorney can offer references from satisfied clients.

If a lawyer doesn’t have people who want to talk, look online for reviews. These reviews will give you a better picture of how well a law firm operates.

Hire the Best Auto Accident Law Firm

You have a lot on the line after a car accident. You have a damaged car that needs to be repaired, and in the worst-case scenario, you have medical bills because of injuries. If you cannot get a settlement to help with the bills, you may be out of luck if you don’t get help.

That’s why hiring a great auto accident law firm is so important. Don’t hesitate to ask the questions above to find a car accident lawyer who will help you win your case.

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