Reasons to Become a Speech Pathologist

5 Reasons to Become a Speech Pathologist

Many of us are stumped when it comes to selecting a career. Indeed, the decision about what field to go into can be among the most important ones you will ever make, as this decision can have a massive impact on your finances, social life, and overall life satisfaction.

If you are unsure of what you want to do but enjoy helping people, you may want to consider speech pathology.

What is a speech pathologist?

A speech pathologist is someone who helps other people communicate better. they do this by helping people to improve their mouth, tongue, and swallowing techniques, using skills and modern practices to improve how people speak. This is a very important job and one that can work with people in virtually any age range.

Five reasons to become a speech pathologist

First, it is a career that comes with a huge amount of satisfaction. Entering the field of speech pathology can give you a chance to help someone overcome serious communication handicaps, setting them on a pathway that will allow them to be successful in life and guarantee you a highly satisfying career, one in which you can spend your time doing good and important work.

Second, the pay is great. If you are wondering how much do speech pathologists make, there is data to answer this question. According to available research, in May 2019, the average salary of a speech pathologist is $77,510. This is obviously a very high number, and can potentially go as high as $97,000. Thus entering the field of speech pathology guarantees you the chance to make a very competitive salary.

Third, you can be your own boss. Speech pathology is a highly flexible job: You can work essentially as many hours as you want. As such, working in this field can give you the flexibility that other positions simply cannot afford. You can also work with others in your field to create a successful business in which you specialize in certain areas of speech pathology.

Fourth, the job can change constantly – or stay exactly as similar as you want. You can specialize in working with certain age groups, like kids or adults, or become an expert in a subsection of speech pathology. Conversely, if you would prefer to work with a whole range of ages and clients, you can do that as well. The field is highly creative and flexible, so what you work in is really up to you.

Last, the job gives you a chance to do something that far too many don’t: You can spend your entire day working with people and helping them grow. Speech pathology is a job that requires regular interactions with others. As such, working in these fields means you get to spend your day surrounded by others.

As you can see, speech pathology carries a variety of potential benefits, including a satisfying career that can help you earn a great living. If you haven’t looked at it already, you may want to do so now. For more information on how you can start your journey to becoming a speech pathologist, you can check out places like

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