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Rules for rolling your jeans

Whether you put on a selvedge or a slim fit, unless you don’t roll your jeans like a pro-you’ll ruin the look. Cuffing the bottom of jeans might refer to the street boys look, and that’s certainly not acceptable when it comes to high-end style. But there are times when jeans have to cuffed up, so how can do you roll it up in a classier way?

Understanding how to roll your jeans is as important as find the perfect pair of denims for your build. When it comes to jeans, you have this array of style that doesn’t stop at defining it as a casual look. You can pair up your J-bees jeans for men with a simple white t-shirt, and you will still rock the sight.

And if you’re looking to appeal your date, even than a G-Star Arz Eji Long Sleeve checkered shirt for men from J-Bees with again your favorite denim will win her heart. Jeans let you add style your look the way you want, you can go entire classical with a mix of scarf and hat to look even ravishing or you can put a jacket and give a flashy touch.

You have plenty of choice and style ideas for wearing simple denim and playing around with its look. Now if you want to put on jeans and want to cuff it up, and then make sure you know all this, as follows:

The main rules for cuffing up your jeans are:

  1. Rolling up your jeans is an option
  2. If you’re aiming for a clean and tapered look, only roll up slimmer fit jeans
  3. Leave the cuff up to the top of the shoe
  4. For a casual look, a wider roll will work then narrower roll
  5. Cuffed jeans is the most timeless trend-it never goes out

When a trend is out, you naturally fall into the participation-only if you like following the latest men fashion trends. But your comfort is the major key here; you cannot wear nor do something that takes you out of your comfort zone, because you will only worsen the look. So you might have these questions in mind as well-we’re answering them for you.

Do I need to be a Part of this Cuffed Jeans Trend?

Well, trends come and go like a wave. This specific trend of cuffing your pants can never look bad and it’s never going out of style. You are seeing it more often now, because of the men fit jeans that are available. If you want to be a part of it, you’ll look good, and if you don’t then there’s no harm.

What kind of Denim works best for Cuffing?

Your cuffs will only look great when your jean is a straight fit or slightly tapered fit at the ankle. Slim, slim fit, straight fit and even skinny jeans are the best type to be cuffed.

Which Kind of Pants cannot be Cuffed?

The jeans that give a flare at the bottom or have a boot cut, such jeans can flop over. There is not a single point where the cuff will fit nicely and stay, it look will make the entire jean look sloppy.

How to cuff up your jeans

Where the Cuff should be Aimed at?

The safest way to roll up your jeans is, at the top of your shoe. It will help you form a nice straight line and a clean cuff. If you go any higher than the shoe top, you’re entering a danger zone. Any higher than that will need the entire look to match. The key is to go on top of the boots!

Should the Roll be Single or Double?

Rolling up your jeans one time will give a more casual and laid back look, as it will show the hem. A double roll will give a sleeker look. But if the length of your jeans allows a single roll only and you want to hide the hem, a cheat here is to tuck the hem in. This will also give an illusion of double roll as well.

Should the Cuffs be Wide or Skinny?

Thinner cuff of about an inch is the best way to carry a formal and neat look. Along with the size of the cuffs, you will see what suits you and your body type best. For example, for a shorter height, slim cuffs will appeal more and vice versa for taller people.

Does The Length of the Jeans Make any Difference in Cuffing?

This can get you confused, it’s better to know if you will always cuff your jeans, then maybe an extra inch of length will be good. Always buy the best fit in your jeans that can work wonders in styling. So because of the cuffing idea, do not buy something that will be extra long when un-cuffed.

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