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10 Energetic Reasons to Jump on the San Diego Solar Bandwagon

Did you know that more than 16% of homes in San Diego have solar panels?

Do you wish that you could jump on the solar bandwagon and save money without making sacrifices? If so, you need to consider jumping on the San Diego solar bandwagon!

Solar energy is continuously becoming more popular as more people discover its benefits. For example, you’ll save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and become more energy independent.

Even better, new solar incentives make it more affordable than ever to make the switch. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electric bill, installing solar panels in San Diego is the best decision.

See below for several reasons why you should add solar to your San Diego home.

1. San Diego Solar Is Cheaper!

Did you know that going solar in your San Diego home can eliminate or reduce your electric bills? When you install solar, you can generate free power for your commercial or residential property.

This will help you save a lot of money on utility and electricity bills. Then you will feel a lot more confident and secure when you are not tied down by your utility company.

Instead of freaking out when you receive your electric bill, you will breathe a deep sigh of relief seeing surprisingly low numbers after switching to renewable energy.

2. Low-Cost Installation

A solar panel system in San Diego should typically have a lifespan of up to 30 years. This can also be extended if you conduct proper maintenance.

Thanks to this low cost, you can lock in electricity costs for at least a quarter century by switching to San Diego solar. Imagine all the money you and your loved ones will save while showing your love for the environment.

Getting a customized estimate of your long-term electricity bill savings is also possible. Then you can analyze the personalized projections for up-front expenses compared to years of solar savings.

Check out these incredible solar panels to save the most money. Remember that with solar power, your costs will rarely go higher than the cost of the system.

Utility companies also notoriously raise their rates all the time. When you finish paying for your solar panel system, you can pretty much enjoy free energy.

3. Adds Property Value

Do you have a San Diego home that wants to jump in value? One of the best benefits of solar energy is that it adds significant value to your home. This is because solar energy is an asset.

Consider your electric bills as liabilities that deduct the value from your home. Instead of spending money on energy bills, you should invest your hard-earned cash in your home to reap the benefits of sustainable energy.

4. Increase Home Equity

Did you know that homes with solar panels in San Diego sell for a higher price than regular homes? You can also expect your solar energy property to sell a lot faster.

You should also note that homes in California will all eventually require solar power. So, you are getting ahead of the market by installing your panels now to make the most of your investment. Your panels will pay for themselves and more.

5. Gain Energy Independence

Do you face anxiety when it comes to paying your electricity bills? This anxiety results from your inability to control utility electricity rates.

Most people are tied down by their utility companies and must pay whatever is stated on their bill to avoid getting their power cut.

However, the good news is that solar energy costs have decreased significantly in the last decade. This has occurred while electricity prices consistently kept increasing to excessive levels.

These trends are set to continue. There is no avoiding rising electricity costs unless you go solar in San Diego. Then you can gain a lot of independence that comes with energy generation.

6. Financial Benefits

Solar leases have caused a lot of headaches for homeowners. A solar lease means you do not own your own panels. However, this allows you to take advantage of some of the best US government incentives.

However, solar leases may not be in the best interest of all customers. It is worth buying your own solar panels as a long-term investment to increase your property’s value.

Numerous companies offer solar financing to help you go solar with the smallest down payment and barely any out-of-pocket funding.

7. Long Warranty

Solar panels have their own manufacturer warranties. However, most panels are expected to last for up to 25+ years. This way, you never need to worry about paying extra money to install more things.

Once your solar panel system is up and ready, you can start saving money almost immediately. Your panels will not need to be replaced for a very long time, so you can always depend on their quality and longevity.

8. Barely Any Maintenance

Your San Diego solar panels will require little to no maintenance to perform at top capacity. Although some dust can accumulate on the panels, this will hardly impact the solar panel’s ability to generate electricity.

The good thing is that California gets regular rainfall. This will help clean your panels. Unless you live in a dry area, some rain should be enough to clean off all the dust from your panels.

Otherwise, you can hire professional cleaning services that will not break your wallet.

9. More Job Opportunities

As the solar industry continuously expands, more employment opportunities are being created faster than ever.

When you switch from your regular utility company to solar energy, you are helping create jobs in your community.

This community support shows that you are an incredible person who cares about the environment and the betterment of others.

10. Reduce Pollution

One of the best benefits of solar energy is that it does not pollute the environment. You can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the lower use of fossil fuels.

Solar energy is also the key to fighting climate change. The energy used in creating solar panels is recovered in less than your first year of ownership.

If your panels last up to 30 years, you can expect 29 good years of saving emissions caused by coal and gas.

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Energy Today

Now that you know the most compelling reasons to jump on the San Diego solar bandwagon, it is time to contact the most reputed companies to order your panels.

Remember that your panels will last a very long time, and you will save a ton of money during those years.

Say goodbye to high electricity bills and embrace the San Diego sunshine to increase your home’s value today. If you enjoyed reading this renewable energy guide, check out some of our other posts.

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