Septum Jewelry – Latest Designs and Trends

Septum Jewelry – Latest Designs and Trends

Septum jewelry has undergone numerous design upgrades and changes, and becoming more popular nowadays. With the popularity of Septum rings, the need for new design patterns of the jewelry has increased dramatically. Septum piercing was quite well known in some ancient cultures and is still common in many parts of the world. Today, both men and women are opting for this type of piercing as part of expressing themselves without overpowering their features. 16g and 4g are the most common sizes for this jewelry.

The Unit of Measurement

If someone is new to body piercings, then they must first understand the unit of measurement when it comes to septum piercing jewelry. The term ‘G’ or ‘g’ after a certain number refers to the diameter of the jewelry. Under such measurement nomenclature, the greater the number for a particular piece of jewelry, the smaller the diameter one can expect. This clearly means that 14G will have a greater diameter than with 16G. Usually men opt for the 14G jewelry for their septum because it is smaller.

Unique Septum Jewelry Designs

Septum Rings 2020 Although one might think that the choices related to unique septum jewelry designs for septum piercings is limited, however in reality, the modern inventory from Teegono offers numerous design varieties. The common design options for septum jewelry consists of circular barbells, pincers, straight tusks and ball captive rings. However, there are some other exceptional and exclusive designs for such piercings available in the market. Opting for a particular type of jewelry design and diameter type will also depend on the physical features of the person’s septum. A small and delicate septum may not be able to support a complex and heavy jewelry and therefore it is important to properly choose the design.

Septum Piercings Aftercare

Proper aftercare is crucial when it comes to septum piercings. It is highly essential to maintain a certain schedule for proper cleansing and aftercare for new septum piercings. Cleaning the puncture wound properly for the first few days is highly advisable. It is important to clean the piercing twice a day on a regular basis for the first few days. Use of certain ointments or lotions might not be suitable and one must follow the exact instructions when it comes to cleaning.

Healing time for septum piercings can take up to a period ranging from four to twelve weeks. The healing process depends on the individual and it is important to follow proper instructions. Regular care and a proper cleaning schedule can ensure faster healing. In case someone wants to stretch their septum piercings, they need to wait for at least six months. Use of sea salt soaking process for the puncture wound is appropriate as well as the cue tip cleaning.

Styles and Materials

Septum Rings Designs

The material used in both septum jewelry 16g or 14g can be metal or even organic in nature. Although stainless steel is usually the choice of many, one can also opt for precious metals like silver, titanium and even gold septum jewelry. Septum jewelry is also differentiated as per their style of attachment. The Clip on Hoop style is one of the most common style formats when it comes to this form of jewelry. Apart from this style, one can also opt for the beaded, plug, studs or even the hoops version.

Organic septum jewelry made of shells are quite popular among many. Similar to the metallic version, the organic ones have unique design aspects as well. The hanger style is common among the organic versions whereas the retainer style is quite popular for the stainless steel versions. Septum jewelry made from glass is also quite common as they are available in different color combinations. The retainer design for the metal version has demand in the market since it is a unisex.

The retainer design can have rounded or even cornered edges and it works perfectly for both men and women. Moreover, since the retainer design is so common, one can find the septum jewelry in different forms of metal, both surgical steel as well as titanium. Also, one might be able to get the jewelry made from borosilicate glass or even semi-precious metals like quartz. The advantage of this design is that is quite simple and yet it is elegant. A simple change in the curvature can make it look like more masculine or feminine in nature when it comes to the specific design aspects.

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