What is Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing – A New Approach With The Old Values

What happens if the computers can process request and deliver results without needing any server? Well this is what is widely called as serverless computing. For the majority of the tech world this is not altogether a new phenomenon since we are already frequented with the cloud-based solutions without their ability to process request and deliver computing services without any local server.

Computing services offered without the help of server as applications or functions, is regarded as serverless computing. To be honest, serverless computing is nothing but a new catchphrase for the old cloud-based services. It actually refers to the implementation of the old idea of cloud computing as a service.

What Is Precisely The Serverless Computing?

Though physical servers are still there offering their support to the computing services the biggest change that we can observe now is that customers have to pay their bill only for the resources used for the typical function they required. This allows customers more freedom and flexibility and offers them more transparency in regard to the bill concerning their usage of computing services. By taking a function as a service from the cloud solution providers they do not need to pay for the entire resources and instead they can only pay the bill for the resources used by them for a particular function.

From the customer’s point of view the cost of computing services will be significantly lower when we enter workload of a container or VM machine is segmented into function based packages for separate billing requirements. This will result in lower cost burden for the same cloud computing services enjoyed by the customers for years. So it is basically a new approach to make available the cloud computing services for the customers at a competitive price.

Most Prominent Examples Of Such Service

Some of the frontline cloud service providers adapted to this new approach of serverless computing. As the promising and emerging market for the cloud solution providers this is already growing.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda offering support for apps based on node.js, Java and Python makes their service available in this new mode.
  • Google Cloud Functions is another leading cloud solution provider which offers this mode of cloud computing service in a limited way through the Google Compute Engine infrastructure.
  • IBM OpenWhisk is another major serverless computing service which is offered as the open source alternative to Amazon’s Lambda.
  • Microsoft Azure Web Jobs is a limited serverless computing framework with an arty of features built-in to support this new mode of handling cloud computing resources.

Is This Really New?

Go from the outset, the serverless computing seems to be a completely new way of dealing with cloud computing. It is actually just a new approach with all the constituent elements already being there as part of cloud computing solutions and infrastructure.  It can be easily designated as an outgrowth of various cloud computing elements and frameworks that used to serve customers for years. So in the last analysis we can call the serverless computing as the latest catchphrase in the evolution of cloud computing and services.

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