Sexuality In The Different Stages Of Life

Sexuality In The Different Stages Of Life

Sexual enjoyment changes over the course of one’s life. Undoubtedly, we don’t have the same energy at fifty or sixty that we did at twenty or thirty. As the years go by, we have experiences that change or evolve our tastes, which applies to eroticism too. As we mature and get older, topics such as love, desire or attraction to other people are feelings which join onto other interests such as friendships and bonding. In any case, your libido is found in your brain, and it’s something every person experiences differently.

If you feel desire and want to unleash your sexuality, keeping the flame of passion alive, take any excuse to carry out your sexual adventures. While you’re enjoying a stay in the UK, it could be the perfect time to experiment and discover your hidden passions with impressive escorts in Manchester. There’s nothing like knowing yourself in order to have a good sex life. Of course, if you have a sexual relationship based on communication and respect, where the couple share their tastes and try to fulfil them, you’ll be boosting and prolonging your sex life. But not everyone is lucky enough to have the stimulus of a positive and healthy relationship.

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, was the first person to do scientific research into sex and its relationship with the brain. For him, sexuality drives human behaviour. In the theory of psychosexual development, he established five sexual stages over the course of our lives: the oral, anal, phallic, latency and finally genital. According to him, our vital energy is expressed through sexuality. He called this energy libido. However, other writers have leaned more towards defining our sexuality in four stages corresponding with our age: infancy, youth, adulthood and old age.

There are many misconceptions, taboos and myths. The first of these is that sexuality ends at fifty. As long as you have a sexual appetite, age is no impediment, you can enjoy sexuality throughout your life without needing it to happen with the same frequency or intensity.

Another taboo imposed by society is that the man should be older than the woman in a relationship or in sex. Fortunately, this belief is falling from favour, although it’s still very common among certain groups.

Many people think that after menopause, women stop being interested in sex. Not being able to procreate doesn’t mean their sexual appetite disappears. Changes and variations in our bodies don’t mean that our physical attractiveness or sexual appetite diminish at all. The important thing to feel sexually free is not to hold any taboos or misconceptions that can stop you from enjoying sex.

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