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Shakuntali Siberia Is Confident That All The Women Across The Universe Should Be As One

Tsunamis, fires, wars, diseases, murders – all this is created ironically by human’s thoughts and hands. Can we stop this madness? Shakuntali Siberia says that we can if we all unite in the circular prayer. Will you join us?

Nature is crying for help

Every year we face more and more natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, debris flows, floods and other horrific events. Is it nature’s will to destroy everything and imbue people with grief? No, this is just the consequences of people’s carelessness in thoughts and actions. Every day we produce hatred, violence, disregard, anger into the world, and all this does not just disappear in the air. It feeds the evil spirits and leads our planet to self-destruction. By these disasters, nature just tries to show us that it is in despair. It is asking us for help.

Why do we need to act together?

We can overcome this flow of self-destruction if we combine our efforts. Each of us has his/her own force and ability to help. Somebody can make it physically; somebody helps psychologically; others can contribute in a spiritual way. Shakuntali Siberia is one of the people who can show us the way out. She is Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, she is the temple priestess. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities.
Such a strong community of people creates a huge energetical field that helps to save the Earth from catastrophes.

Shakuntali Siberia conducts the common prayers during which you personally can change the madness we are living in and steer our path in a more constructive way.

The Woman – the real savior of our hearts.

Women have long been the keepers of the wisdom, of the power and energy for the whole family. That is why Shakutali Siberia invites all the women from all over the world to unite in prayer to save our planet and to give more energy.

The women just should unite and recall their mission by birth – to inspire, to give the strength and to give this Earth its power and energy. From the local family to the scale of the planet – a woman always brings mutual understanding and hope to people and, thus, – injects harmony to the entire world.

Perhaps, you doubt that you personally have such a power and think that you cannot influence the world in such a way. But remember that every thought, every emotion you experience brings energy to this Earth. Will it be a positive or a negative one – it depends only on us.
We have a really divine power inside. Shakuntali Siberia just reminds us about it and helps us to regain our power through the retreats and special spiritual practices. We can awaken our forces sleeping inside and save our planet.

An ordinary woman who made a big change

Carmen from Mexico City had used not to complain long ago. She developed her skill of being invisible to an almost magical level. Covering the marks of beatings on her body with cosmetics and long clothes, she used to go to work. No one could protect her, and no one ever really wanted to, actually. After all, it was only a “family matter”, it concerned only her and her husband… But that very day she was smiling, for the first time in many years. It was the day she came to the seminar of Shakuntali Siberia. The seminar that changed her life forever.

It was her son’s teacher who invited her to the seminar. At first, not trusting anyone and not seeking help anymore, she hesitated, but finally came to the event to stay. She understood that she finally found the family where love, respect and mutual trust live.

When Shakuntali Siberia invited her to join all the students in the circular prayer “Field of Love” to save the Siberian forests suffering from fire, Carmen was scared at first. She was afraid of such a responsibility, she even cried quietly during the prayer and thought that it could ruin the effect of the prayer.

Shakuntali Siberia was very supportive and explained that tears can not do any harm. Tears are the expression of our soul and they only show that we are open and ready for changes.

Shakuntali Siberia also asked no questions about Carmen’s thick layer of make-up and her closed type of clothes although it was hot outside.

Carmen felt that she was accepted totally and unconditionally.
That day the circular prayer helped to save the forests and Carmen learned about the power of the prayer.

The next day Carmen came to the individual session with Shakuntali Siberia. That session helped her to change everything in her life. She understood that the situation she was living in was far from being normal, and the main thing was that she finally found the inner forces to resist that madness. Shakuntali Siberia gave Carmen some personal advice such as what practices she should do and what amulets she should buy for herself and her son.

Carmen finally left her husband, found a place to live, changed her job and even changed her phone number – everything from the hated past was erased.

Now she is a volunteer arranging Shakuntali Siberia’s events. She has attained new friends, new goals in life and self-respect.

Do you still doubt that woman can make everything she wants?

Come and join our big spiritual family. Shakutali Siberia conducts workshops, seminars, classes of yoga. Together we will make ourselves stronger and will be able to give part of our energy to save our planet.

Every step we take in a positive way can change our future. Help yourself, your family and people all around the world!

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