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Shipping Container Hire 101: 6 Helpful Tips To Get Started

When the need to hire a shipping container arises, it’s a big decision to make. It’s not just expensive, but it can also affect the success of your move.

Shipping containers aren’t just meant to hold your belongings while in transit, but they’re also supposed to keep them all safe. Apart from moving, you may frequently need the services of a shipping container hire when you’re in the business of importing or exporting goods.

It may seem like an easy choice to make, but if you have multiple shipping container providers where you’re from, you may get confused about selecting the best supplier to work with. Remember that every situation is unique, so you must factor in your specific needs and preferences.

Make sure you get the right shipping container hire with these six helpful tips:

1. Personally Inspect The Containers

If the shipping or freight company you’re renting from is within driving distance, that’s one of your advantages as you get to see and inspect the containers you’re renting personally. You’ll have the opportunity to check its actual capacity, conditions, dimensions, weight, and other measurements that determine the rental price. Moreover, you can also directly ask the supplier pertinent questions and some tips relating to the seamless transporting of items.

When you get to check the shipping containers for yourself, you can be certain you’re getting good ones, and that is commensurate with the amount you’ll pay for. You can also avoid having shipping containers that are too worn out.

2. Assess The Structural Framework

A shipping container hire is meant to withstand some heavy-duty work. Henceforth, you have to be keen on the structural framework.

A shipping container’s strength predominantly comes from the steel beams that line and form its edges. You want to double-check that those beams are all in good condition. If the surface is rusty, that shouldn’t worry you too much. Those are fine and manageable. You should be more concerned about corrosion, cracks, and deeper rust, which create noticeable effects on the beam’s strength and impacts the unit’s integrity.

You may also want to check on the container’s doors and locks. Make sure that it shuts tightly, and those locks are undamaged to guarantee the safety of your belongings or products.

3. Check The Walls

The shipping container walls are just as important, apart from the structural frame. If it’s no longer in good condition, it may risk breaking or giving in to the harsh elements of the weather while in transit. The longer the travel time is, the higher the risk that something might go wrong during the journey.

Improper patches on the walls of the shipping container you’re renting can be a potential problem. Try to go inside the container, close the door, and see if the light comes through. If it does, there could be holes that indicate that the unit is not watertight.  Be wary too of other issues like dented walls which are pushed excessively and streaking rust.

Shipping Container Hire Tips

4. Read Up On Your Local Rules

Hiring a shipping container also most likely means you’re shipping goods from one locality to another. Thus, you have to be familiar with all of your local rules regarding shipping containers. This is important so as not to encounter any obstacles later on relating to unknowingly renting a shipping container that isn’t at par with the local regulations and standards.

Being aware of your local rules and the place you’re shipping to help you ensure that the shipping container you’re renting meets the local standards indicated.

On top of that, you may want to ask the suppliers you are considering if they are also aware of and abide by those standards to guarantee that your investment won’t go to waste.

5. Consider Your Budget And Pricing

Like any other expense you’ll meet, hiring a shipping container also entails meeting the limits of what your budget can comfortably afford. This is why it’s a must to do your own research and assessment of the different offers by shipping containers for hire.

You shouldn’t have to pay any more than the average price of a shipping container is. The better and more reasonable the quotation, the better it’ll be for you. There may be room for negotiation with the shipper, so don’t hesitate to negotiate as well.

6. Factor In Your Specific Purpose For Hiring

Typically, the primary purpose of hiring a shipping container is to transport personal belongings or import and export products for business. With that, many suppliers of shipping containers for hire will also have a wide range of products available to suit varying requirements and preferences.

For instance, if you need a shipping container for products that need to stay refrigerated, then hire a shipping container with that feature. Be particular with the container’s opening, as the choice can depend on the size and shape of the objects you’re putting inside.


With the tips above, hiring shipping containers may be easier now for you to do. Don’t rush this decision when you come across the need to hire a shipping container. There should only be very little room for error for your shipping container to carry on its function.

Examine as many possible shipping containers as you can to ascertain the right decision. Then, once you’ve gotten hold of a supplier you can trust, stick to that one for all of your shipping container needs.

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