Should I Move To Delaware

Should I Move My Family To Delaware?

There has been a notable increase in Delaware relocations, especially among Millennials, due to its economic boom. While it is common for Millenials to identify boomer hotspots and magnets, it is the lesser-known corners of Delaware drawing the attention.

The state has captured individuals’ and families’ attention on the move, searching for their next ideal home.

The decision to relocate is often met with numerous questions ranging from the cost of living, employment opportunities, and the real estate market’s status. However, understanding these benefits will inform your decision to move your family to Delaware, especially Fenwick Island, a best place in Delaware you should consider.

Fenwick Island Homes for Sale

Fenwick Island is one of the notable attractions for visitors and locals as it offers beautiful ocean scenery and numerous water activities. Living in Fenwick Island would be a dream come true as you would experience beach life daily.

The increasing attention that the Island is drawing has encouraged real estate investors to construct modern designs homes overlooking the ocean for serenity and tranquility.

Therefore, there are plenty of Fenwick Island homes for sale that you can examine and establish a permanent residence surrounded by an extensive water body and facing the beach. In Fenwick, you and your family can engage in plenty of activities, such as swimming and surfing, to lead a happy and enjoyable life.

The Charming Farmlands and Quaint Villages

If you like to live in a small town where you can walk down the street greeting people you know, Delaware is the place as the charming villages dot the countryside.

The fact that Delaware State is relatively small means that you are always close to the water. The state boasts of notable beaches such as the Dewey and Rehoboth. Delaware’s entire eastern border touches the water, and the Delaware Bay stretches deep to the land forming Delaware, Southern New Jersey, and the Delaware River.

The availability of these water bodies promotes numerous water activities for family fun and recreation. Besides, the western border is only a one-hour drive to the eastern border.

Business Tax Shelter

Delaware is prominent for business tax exemption. This means that it will be easier for you to start a business when you move with your family there. The lack of corporate and sales tax works in your favor if you establish a holding company.

Besides, the gains on your fixed-income or equity investments are not taxed, increasing the value for your money and having some bucks left for you. Delaware has maintained the ‘tax haven’ title since it created a business-friendly tax code in the 18th century to lure companies from neighboring New Jersey and New York.

If you want your family to live happily and right on the beach, you should think of relocating to Delaware as the experience there is fulfilling. The booming real estate market has led to increased availability of homes for sale and designed to offer the best view of the ocean. You only need to find a real estate attorney to guide you on how to purchase a house in Delaware and start packing.

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