3 Situations Where You Can Use A Personal Injury Lawyer

3 Situations Where You Can Use A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you find that you have been in an accident or unfortunate event, you may be at fault. Whether you are partly at fault for causing the injury or you are merely a victim, you may find yourself in the hospital due to the aftereffects of the accident. In this case, you need to hire a professional who can help you figure out how to pay for your hospital bills or pay potential court fees.

When in an accident, our first thought is to panic. However, with a knowledgeable professional who can help you out of a tricky situation, you can feel less stressed and guided through the legal process. Whether it be due to car accidents, truck accidents, social security claims, or drunk driving accidents, finding a trusted and reputable attorney can help you get out with less of a penalty.

3 situations to use a personal injury lawyer

Suppose you have been involved in an accident that has caused severe bodily or mental harm. In that case, chances are you can seriously benefit from a personal injury lawyer like Betz and Baril who can help you obtain payment, compensation, medical bill coverage, and insurance help. Regarding physical, mental, emotional, and psychological damages, sometimes you need to be reimbursed for going through something traumatic.

There are everyday situations where a personal injury lawyer can help you get back on your feet and earn compensation for your hard times. A personal injury lawyer is there to help protect you, your wellbeing, your rights and make sure you are fairly treated after your injury, including receiving insurance money or arguing at trial due to unfair compensation levels.

1. Car accident

One of the main reasons you may hire a personal injury lawyer is a car accident. Car accidents are widespread, with people getting in minor fender benders or severe car-flipping accidents every day across the world. People’s injuries can vary from a concussion to several broken bones and internal injuries during a car accident. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you pay for your costly medical bills or receive payment.

2. Pedestrian accident

If you are walking to work and cross the crosswalk in the busy city, you may find yourself hit by a motorcycle, bike, or car. In this case, you can be helped by hiring a personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately for pedestrians, these accidents usually result in more severe injuries, as there is no car to protect them from getting hit by another moving vehicle.

3. Wrongful death

If you find that someone else’s negligence or actions have caused a loved one’s death, this is a situation where you can hire a personal injury lawyer. If someone is negligent, like they do not call 911 if someone is gravely injured or a doctor does not perform the required medical procedures, you can use a personal injury lawyer to argue your case at trial.


There are many situations in which you can use a personal injury lawyer to help you receive proper compensation or fight for your case at trial. Whether it be due to injuries you received during an accident or the wrongful death of a loved one, you can use a personal injury lawyer to help you win instances involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, boat accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death suits, and much more.

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