Bras for petite cups

Small Bras: Big Impact

The U.S. National Institute of Health reports that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. The problem can be particularly vexing for women with small breasts, no matter what their body structures are like. They often find themselves settling for ill-fitting bras because the marketplace hasn’t been robust for the A to AA cup crowd.

Companies such as Lulalu bras that offer intimate wear for small-chested women came into being because the petite bra market was crying out to be heard.

Push Manufacturing Prioritizes Style Over Correct Bra Fit

Push manufacturing has been described by fashion industry sustainability advocates as developing products without first testing market demands. At its worst, this manufacturing concept uses brands to push images rather than accommodate needs. Women are led to believe that it is more important for bras to be sexy than comfortable, and that something is wrong with them rather than the bras if they protest spending money to satisfy an image enforced by demanding fashion gods.

Companies dedicated to supporting women with small breasts were founded in part to defy this marketing oppression. The manufacturing of good-fitting bras is as much science as art. The average bra requires between 20-30 different components and an equal number of persons to produce the item.

Most bra companies generally utilize the 34B model to size upwards and downwards for cup fit. But petite bra industry pioneers reject the mantra of one-model-fits-all. Some have turned to the recommendations of plastic surgeons to utilize visual tools such as 3-D imaging to standardize bra cup sizes. Others have enlisted actual product users to ensure the adequacy of cup fit, convinced that those most invested in the outcome assure success.

Small-Busted Women Are Trending in Fashion Popularity

What do women like Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightly, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner have in common? They are all highly successful and talented actresses, artists, and models at the top of their game. They wear the bras of fashion-forward thinkers addressing a common need for uncommon women like them. The notion of voluptuous as image perfection now shares the stage with small breast chic, thanks to these women.

Bras Now Provide Comfort and Elegance to Petite Cup Sizes

The most negative view toward a bra is that the wearer can hardly wait to take it off. A testament to that sentiment is October 13th, the official date of No Bra Day in the United States. Originally created to showcase breast cancer awareness, the day is now treated by some as a political statement emancipating women from the social dictates of wearing bras. No matter the intent, any justification for freeing oneself from the discomfort of a bad-fitting bra is always welcome.

Small-busted women putting up with the nonsense of bra discomfort can now breathe easy. These long-suffering customers who previously felt they had little or no voice in the bra industry have been heard. Thanks to today’s innovators, there are now bras for petite cups designed to be as comfortable as they are elegant. Small, indeed, is beautiful!

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