Solar Panels Will Power Everything In 10 Years Time | Here’s what we think

Residents of most western countries will already understand the value of solar energy. Indeed, many of them have already opted to have panels installed on their rooftops to help reduce energy costs within the home. Though many governments have been trailing behind in this renewable energy revolution, most now run schemes whereby those with panels feed any unused electricity back into the grid, and they also get a healthy payment for taking part. This is the case in the UK and the US at the moment, but solar rebates for Australians are some of the largest in the world, probably because it’s so incredibly sunny down there. In the mean time, I would recommend you to check Az Screen Recorder App

It should be obvious to most onlookers that things can’t stop there, which is why we’re seeing more and more solar powered devices on the markets today. Just yesterday a top Australian solar expert told reporters that within ten years time oil would be obsolete, and that’s the statement we’ll be examining today.

Here is the full quote for anyone who’s interested…

“Over the last decade, we’ve seen the solar power go from a mere pipe dream to become the world’s most viable alternative to oil and gas. Though the oil industry is incredibly strong at the moment, we’ve been working hard to convince them to invest more in solar power, and now we believe we’ve reached a significant milestone.”

“There’s still a long way to go, but our company is confident that within the next decade traditional forms of power will disappear completely in favor of renewable solutions like solar and wind power. You’ve only got to look at the products reaching the markets at the moment to know this is true.”

Quite a bold statement we’re sure you’ll agree, but is this just the ramblings of a solar executive who’s trying to drum up more trade? Or are his conclusions based on fact? We tried to find out. Do not miss IMO for PC

Solar energy is the next big energy

Here’s a short list of solar powered items we’re expecting to see hit retailers over the next twelve months…

  • Solar Windows – these look set to replace rooftop solar panels all together soon and so people won’t have to risk climbing a ladder for much longer.
  • Solar Mobile Phones – these alternatives to traditional mobiles have been in the pipeline for some time now, but Apple recently announced they were considering including the technology in their next iPhone design.
  • Solar Powered Transport – this idea has been around for a while, but now we’re seeing more and more manufacturers releasing models what work via solar power, in the boating industry more than anywhere else.
  • Solar Lamps – Again, these have been around for a long time now, but thanks to significant decreases in production costs, they’re available for less than $40, which suggests there could be a huge market for them in places like Africa where there is no artificial lighting at night.

So, it’s looking pretty conclusive that the quote we read earlier actually has some basis in fact. We’re not 100% certain the change will happen within the next ten years, but it will happen before our kids reach maturity, so that’s something we’ve all got to look forward to. Remember, no oil use means no more wars – bonus!

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