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Stargirl – What to Know About the New Justice Society

The new DC series Stargirl, executive produced by Geoff Johns, introduces a new generation of the Justice Society. This new team of superheroes follows in the footsteps of an awesome collection of characters. Some members of this new team share personal ties to the previous iteration of the team while others bring a new legacy. Here are some things to know about the characters from Stargirl.

The New JSA Bring the Youth

Stargirl follows a high schooler named Courtney Whitmore, who learns that her new stepfather has been protecting the cosmic staff, the weapon that belonged to Starman, the leader of the original justice society. The staff is sentient and chooses Courtney as its new companion in the fight against evil. She eventually recruits several of her classmates to build her new team. Included in this new roster are Yolanda Montez as Wildcat, Beth Chapel as Dr. Mid-Nite and Rick Tyler as Hourman. Despite being so young, each hero has their own personal struggles to overcome while they learn how to be heroes.

New Superheroes, Same Supervillains

The villains Courtney and her new friends must challenge are the same people who defeated their predecessors. The Injustice Society includes several heavy hitters like Sportsmaster, Tigress, Brainwave and their leader Icicle. They have nefarious plans to reshape Blue Valley and the rest of the country. So, it’s up to these fledgling heroes to accomplish what the former Justice Society couldn’t.

There are Some Unique Powers at Play

Both teams of heroes and villains bring some unique abilities to the table. Stargirl uses her cosmic staff to compliment her acrobatic ability, making her a surprisingly fierce melee fighter. Her staff can also shoot powerful energy blasts to knock out her opponents. Brainwave is an especially terrifying bad guy because he is a telepath. He can move things with his mind and read other minds. Good luck keeping a secret from him! Hourman uses his hourglass to imbue himself with superhuman strength for one hour a day. It’s pretty specific; but, it’s enough to turn the tables when in close encounters. Icicle’s powers are pretty obvious; he can create and manipulate ice and extremely cold temperatures. He can create ice weapons and is adept and close at mid-range fighting.

Stargirl is a show with a compelling story and great characters, hero and villain alike. The threat the injustice society poses is enough to keep people guessing and on the edge of their seats each episode but the new kids on the block definitely have what it takes to win the day.

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