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Steel Recycling: Helps Saving Earth in Various Forms

Industrial wastes if not disposed properly will cause heavy damage to the environment. This is a major  reason  why more and more modern industries are adopting different waste removal methods like lean manufacturing, six sigma etc. in their manufacturing process to reduce wastes. But anyhow whatever methods adopted there will be wastes in the industry.

Steel which falls under the ferrous metals category is one such waste which is recycled to any modern resources without losing its physical property. Without wasting further any natural resources, steel recycling is the approach of many industries. It’s a boon for both the industries and mankind. The environment is preserved to its most as 75% of the greenhouse energy is conserved.

Why steel recycling is important?

Steel recycling is important for both the environment and the industries. It is estimated that nearly 60 kg of limestone, 700 kg of coal and several ounces of iron ores are saved by using steel recycling. It’s a big saving in part of the employer to have scrapped steel for raw materials because these can be purchased at much low cost in comparison to fresh steel. Also, the properties of the steel are unaltered even after several recycling. It is easy to separate the steel from other metals.

Just by using magnetic machines the steel can be easily segregated. After the steel recycling process, the heavy engineering industries i.e automotive industry, fabrication industry and other allied industries where the use of metals are the most. Steel can be resized and re-melted multiple times and less energy is consumed in this recycling process than producing metals from the iron ore.

What are the benefits of steel recycling?

Benefits of the environment: With raw steel produced from iron ore, more and more greenhouse emissions are there which can hamper the outdoor very much. The greenhouse gas emission leads to severe respiratory problems and other diseases. It is well proven that recycled steel can cut emission and reduce waste to the maximum. Also, there are less hazards to health by using recycled steel.

Energy is conserved: Energy is conserved to a great extent in steel recycling which can save up to 60% of natural resources if steel is to make from raw iron ore.

steel recycling

Iron ore is conserved: Recycling steel conserves the natural ore which otherwise is mined by the manufacturers. This results to damage in the earth crust which is not good for this planet earth. It is estimated that nearly 1.25 pounds of iron ores are conserved just by using recycled steel. In this way, the nature is saved; at the same time the manufacturer gets the same quality and properties of steel without shedding heavy costs.

Economic benefits – Steel recycling: industry employs a huge number of workers. It is estimated that the scrap industry is a multibillion industry and its employs approximately 4.5 lakhs of workers only in America. Also, there will be drop in fuel prices in transportation due to less of spending money in importation. Mining the raw ores and then producing steel from that is a very much strenuous process which is also very much costly. Recycling is much cheaper process.

Social benefits: These wastes can contaminate the society to a great extent. There will be huge amount of air pollution due to these and also can lead to unhygienic conditions. When these metals are recycled the environment is much saved.

Recycling is very much important thing. When scraps are disposed here and there it can contaminate the land and this can lead to dreadful consequences. Thus, it helps to preserve the pollution level and steel recycling is a great way of income to unskilled persons.

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