What are Storage POD Units

What are Storage POD Units and How Can They Solve Your Small Space Problems?

Some individuals decide to live in a small space since it fits their lifestyle. Choosing to live in a smaller home also helps them save a significant amount of money. For others without the intent to reside in a home with relatively limited space — but have to because of major life changes such as a growing family or a job change — there are storage solutions that can help.

Whether small space living is your choice or just a necessary aspect of your current circumstances, you do not need to cluster all your items in such a small space. A storage POD can help solve your small space problems.

But What Is A Storage POD?

Portable on-demand storage or PODS is a combination of moving truck and storage unit in one. It is a system where the storage company drops off, picks up and transports your belongings to anywhere you want.

A storage POD gives you a better way to store your belongings. Maybe you need a safe and secure place for your things, you have outgrown your garage or you have limited space in your house. Whatever your situation is, a storage POD is the best solution both for short- and long-term storage purposes.

A portable storage container is dropped off at your house and you can load your things at your convenience without the hassle of making several trips to a self-storage facility. After you have packed your things into a POD container, you can choose to keep it at home, or have it picked up and stored in a safe and secure storage center.

Whenever you need access to it, give the storage company a call and they will have it ready for you once you arrive so you can get the things you need.

Unlike the traditional self-storage where your things will be loaded in and out of trucks, and in and out of storage rooms and warehouses, your PODS will be loaded, locked and then handled with forklifts. The key to your POD is then handed over to you.

Most PODS units are made of high-quality plywood that breathes, thus creating the ideal environment for your furniture and other belongings. Also, they are sealed to keep pests, dust, and mold out.

5 ways PODS units can solve your small space problems

1. Using PODS Units is Convenient

Using portable storage is the perfect storage solution for some of your belongings without the need to pay for expensive house rental if you have no other choice but to rent a bigger place.

Items that can’t fit into your home can be safely and securely stored in a POD at a much lower rate. The storage company can deliver the unit directly to the location where your items will be packed. Regardless of whether it is an apartment, construction site, house or campus, you can easily pack up your storage unit from your original destination.

2. PODS Units are Easy to Transport

By having the portable storage unit delivered directly to the storage center, you do not have to rent a moving truck and unload the truck once you arrive at the storage facility.

By investing in portable storage, your packed storage unit will be transported exactly as you have packed it. This way, you don’t have to depend on a separate transportation method for your stored belongings.

3. Your Belongings are Safe and Secure in a POD

If you have a limited space for all your things, chances are they will be stored in a crowded place. In most cases, they can get damaged without you ever knowing.

With portable storage units, all your items will have enough storage space and are protected at the same time. There also units that offer temperature-controlled protection. Most importantly, these storage units are completely sealed so dust, mold, and pests can’t ruin or damage your items.

Once your portable storage unit is locked, only you will have a key to it. PODS units are also weather-resistant so they can withstand approximately 110 mph winds when they are partially filled.

4. PODS Units Offer Versatility

Portable storage provides versatility so when a need arises for you to store your unit onsite, you can easily do so. This is very beneficial if your home has recently been damaged by a storm and you need space to store your things while repairs are being made, or if you simply don’t have enough space for all of your belongings.

Regardless of how you choose to use your storage POD, it is an excellent storage alternative.

5. PODS Units are Affordable

With portable storage, you do not need to rent an entire room or move to a bigger, more expensive house to be able to keep your things safe.

With a PODS unit, you just pay for the rent of the portable storage unit. You also do not have to rent a moving truck and even worry about getting charged for rental time that you haven’t used in case you need the truck for longer. This is indeed your best option if you wish to save on spending costs related to storing your belongings.


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