Summer Safety Tips for Your Pet

Summer Safety for Your Pet

As the warm weather arrives it can become a dangerous time for your pet so it’s crucial that you’re mindful of any risks they may face during the summer months. From cats and dogs through to rabbits and smaller animals, many different animals will be at more risk in summer and this is often overlooked by many. As humans, we love spending time in the sun and soaking up the rays and whilst it’s okay for our pets to enjoy the beautiful weather too it’s important to be conscious and careful.

Safety Tips for Your Dog

Being out in the fresh air with your dog is a wonderful thing to do, especially when you go out for walks to make the most of the summery days. It is, however, also extremely important to be mindful of the fact that your dog will find it harder to tolerate the heat, with a thick coat of fur and delicate padded paws, so on those hotter days it’s crucial to walk them during the coolest times of the day. This will simply ensure that their paws are protected from boiling hot concrete and that they don’t become at risk of heatstroke or dehydration.

Similarly, dogs can become sunburnt just like humans do, but it’s not as easy to cover them in sun cream and protect them the way we would protect ourselves. Instead, try to avoid exposing your dog to direct sunlight for too long, whether that’s adding shaded areas to the garden or only taking them for smaller walks during the day to limit the amount of sun they are exposed to. Online retailer, Petwell, go into further detail in this useful blog post on how you can keep your dog safe, happy and healthy during the summer months.

Caring for Your Cat

Unlike dogs, cats can actually handle the heat and feel much more comfortable when exposed to higher temperatures, but that doesn’t mean they should be spending lots of time in the sun. It can be difficult to manage with cats, especially if your cat is able to roam around during the day and go off to do their own thing. It’s important to think about the risks that summer can bring to your cat, as whilst you may put safety measures in place, you can’t control how your neighbours and community choose to enjoy the warm weather. For example, your cat may be used to roaming the neighbour’s gardens however, during the summer doors and windows are likely to be left open which could be a risk for your cat. They could end up wandering into the wrong house or becoming lost, so it’s crucial your cat has a collar and name tag so that they can be returned home if necessary.

Keeping Your Rabbit Safe

Rabbits require a lot of care and attention during the warmer months, as hot temperatures can result in them catching heat stroke which can be fatal to them. If your rabbit becomes too hot and experiences heat stroke, it could result in them experiencing organ failure and sometimes even death, so it’s crucial to keep them as cool as possible during summer. Keeping your rabbit indoors in a room with air circulation is key, as this will help them keep their body temperatures regulated. Whilst you can still let your rabbit out into the garden to enjoy the summer sun, don’t leave them for too long or in direct sunlight, aim for a cool shaded area for them to enjoy.

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