Taking Delivery of Your Car? Here are Some important Factors to take into Consideration

Buying a new car is one if the best moments of life. However, you should also be ready to fulfill a new set of responsibilities. To be able to get the maximum out of your investment, it is important that you consider certain factors while taking delivery of your new car. Here’s what you need to consider:

Conduct a Thorough Research

In case, you aren’t sure about what you actually want, researching the type of vehicle that suits your overall personality and lifestyle is the best thing to do. Once the decision is made on the kind of vehicle you wish to buy, figure out the budget point. You may even apply for a loan if needed. Consider the type of features you wish to have in your car.

The Pre-registration Check

A pre-registration inspection is very important. The journey of your car to you starts from the factory and then to the stockyard of the dealer. From here, it reaches the showroom where clients get delivery. Registration tasks and paperwork are conducted in the stockyard. Hence, it is crucial that you inform the dealer that you wish to inspect the car at the stockyard prior to booking or at the time of booking. According to some tips offered on online car news, it is better to carry out this inspection in the morning or early afternoon. Take someone along. This will make your task easier. The darker it gets, the more difficult it is to notice minor defects such as scratches or any changes in the paint. Try walking around the vehicle for a few times. Observe it closely from different angles.

The Trade-in Value

When you trade in your old car, it will help you get significant discount on your car purchase. However, prior to trading in, you must determine the overall value of your car. It helps you get a fair idea on whether trading-in is profitable.

Seal the Deal

Once you have checked all details, including your budget, inspection of the vehicle, and surfaces from different angles, it’s time to negotiate. You need to discuss in detail for a good price. Research around and search online for the best prices prior to closing the deal. When asking for discounts, make sure you are being fair and eligible for those discounts.

If you really like the vehicle and the deal seems fair, seal it. Make sure you enquire about the appropriate breakdown of the fees and taxes. This is important to avoid any kind of hidden fees. Once you sign all requisite paperwork, it is time to take your new possession home!

Take your Prized Possession Home

This is the final stage of possessing the car. A second round of inspection at the dealer’s showroom needs to be done prior to delivery. Make sure everything adheres to the pre-registration check. In case, you have requested for additional accessories, make sure these are fitted accordingly.


The car is yours! Capture the beautiful moment in your camera and show your latest possession to your family and friends. Take note of the odometer. It should not read more than 100 km. you should also ask the salesman to describe to you all features of the car. It is always better to take a test drive in the presence of the salesman. This will help you understand the overall functioning of the car.

Happy Driving!

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