Tallahassee Man Arrested After Soliciting Sex With Dogs on Craigslist

Tallahassee Man Arrested After Soliciting Sex With Dogs on Craigslist

Size matters. The man only wanted to be mounted by certain breeds that included Great Danes, German shepherds and labs.Leon County Jail

George Wilkinson, Jr. of Tallahassee, Florida, was arrested earlier this week after officials from the Tallahassee Animal Control learned that he had been posting ads on Craigslist Reno for the purpose of soliciting sex with dogs. On Wednesday, the 21 year old was booked on a misdemeanor and had his bond set at $1,000, according to an April 22 report from ABC News in Florida.

Police in Tallahassee said that Wilkinson placed two separate Craigslist ads in April advertising that he wanted to have sex with dogs. The Tallahassee Democrat reported that it is illegal in the state of Florida “to knowingly advertise to have sexual intercourse with an animal.”

After those ads were placed in Craigslist’s “casual encounters” section by Wilkinson, it didn’t take long for the complaints to start coming into animal control authorities. Wilkinson was very specific about what kinds of dogs with which he wanted to copulate and what he wanted to do with them.

One ad read that Wilkinson was soliciting the aid of “someone who owns a big dog they like to mess around with … let’s go to your place and let’s have fun and get mounted by your dog,” as quoted by the Tallahassee Democrat. Wilkinson conveniently included his phone number and contact information with the ad.

And it seems that size did matter when it came to what kind of dogs Wilkinson preferred for his casual encounters. His ads specifically zeroed in on certain breeds that included Great Danes, German shepherds and labs. The Democrat quoted the ad as reading “dogs them size are perfect.”

Wilkinson received a visit from the Tallahassee Police Department at his apartment on Mission Road on Tuesday. He confessed to posting the ads but told the cops that the ads were really just jokes. He said he was curious to see if anyone would actually respond.

Wilkinson also told the police that several people responded to his ads and “that after emailing back and forth had considered allowing a dog to have sex with him,” according to the Democrat. In addition to his $1,000 bond, a judge decreed that Wilkinson be prohibited from owning or possessing any pets. He’s also prohibited from having contact with animals of any kind.

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