The Benefits of a Hosted PBX Telephone System

Depending on your preference, you can have your telephone system on-site or in the clouds. Hosted PBX telephone systems come with several unique benefits to businesses of all sizes, but more to the SMBs. If you are unsatisfied with unwieldy proprietary telephone systems that seem to consume most of your IT resource in the name of maintaining them, this could be the time to shift your phone system to the cloud.

Check below for more reasons why a hosted PBX telephone system could the best option.

Cost and efficiency

A third party vendor is often the one that manages hosted PBX systems. That means no maintenance expenses like repair and downtime responsibilities that could have otherwise been imposed on you by the legacy systems. Hosted telephony demands little to almost no complex infrastructure to set up. It operates over the internet to deliver your telecommunications, and that means no spending money on costly equipment.


When a PBX system is hosted, it’s your service provider’s responsibility to ensure the service is forever online and functional 100 percent. That would mean the system can be counted upon. It can link every single call without lagging response times, lapses in call quality, and even delays. You can rely on the clarity of each call because Internet-based telephony is praised for its improved quality compared to other traditional PSTN connections.

Proper and outsourced maintenance

The hosting company tries all it can to offer the best services. That entails maintaining their infrastructure with high standards to keep afloat. It ensures quick implementation of software and hardware updates to maintain their competitive edge. That means, first, you’ll not need to mind about technological updates. Second, you’ll not need to dedicate a team of in-house staff to do the repairs or any sort of updates and third, you’ll experience more uptime.

Disaster Recovery

In most cases, telephone systems surfer first when unforeseen events such as fire outbreak, a storm or power outages take place. If you are still using a legacy system, you are likelier to suffer the most as that will bring productivity to a screeching halt. You’ll also have to limited disaster recovery options with that system. A hosted PBX system on the other hand always comprises of backups. The infrastructure is also often built to withstand damages or the effect of such elements. As such, your flow of telecommunication is assured to continue even in an emergency.

Overall Installation and Running Cost

With all the above outstanding benefits that come with the modern PBX phone system, it is easy to think this is costlier than the legacy system or the traditional PBX system. But, it’s actually the other way round. Hosted PBX comes with minimal infrastructural and equipment needs, less repair, less downtime and lower telephoning bills because calls are made over the internet.

However, if your business has what it takes in terms of space, infrastructure disaster and recovery management, and so forth, you can have your PBX telephone systems on-site, so that you don’t have to pay a hosting company.

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