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The Best Free Horse Racing Tips

Tracking down free horse racing tips that are worth putting your own money on has become increasingly easier, helped by the sheer number of betting websites that offer out their own predictions on the action. Races to bet on take place every day of the year, making for a lot of horses to bet on. Choosing winning horse tips, however, is only possible through experience and genuine insight.

Identifying a horse betting website that you can rely on is a bit of a challenge but there are some criteria which point to some that are worth following. Tips for betting on horses are easy to find through the internet being a haven for so many horse tipster websites but working out which are worth following takes some doing. Primary factors that make up strong horse tips include:

Researched Bets And Predictions 

It’s impossible to confidently back the same outcome as a website you’re following if they don’t offer a strong track record for correctly predicting their past bets. The same can be said for the way in which they pick their horse tips, as there needs to be thorough research conducted prior to them offering out their recommended bet. Without looking into things like their current form, past record, and even things like their weight and ability on certain surfaces, it’s difficult to know how capable they are of winning the race.

While some betting websites are continuing to find their feet, only a few are experienced when it comes to horse racing, so the options are slim. One website that always look to provide regular free horse racing tips with all of the criteria you’d expect from a strong horse tip is TeamFA, who even run and constantly update a dedicated page. 

Massive Odds On Horse Racing 

A lot of inexperienced bettors will jump to placing their bet as soon as they’ve tracked down a good horse tip, but finding the best odds is just as important as finding the best tips. You’re able to work out which bookmaker provides the strongest price on your chosen selection by going through as many bookie websites or apps as you can and comparing their odds.

You’re likely to find that many of them will offer out the same price, or at least a very similar one, but it’s worth doing as there can be a much larger price on some markets, and there’s very little worse than winning a bet before finding better odds elsewhere.

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