The Dos And Don's Of Lip Fillers

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Lip Fillers

Most people prefer using lip fillers instead of other cosmetic treatments. That’s because there is a non-invasive procedure with few side effects. However, doctors at Los Angeles lip fillers advise you to know more about it before deciding to undergo a procedure. This article discusses what you need to do and what you shouldn’t do before and after undergoing a lip filler treatment.

1. Research

Before deciding to visit a doctor, you need to research the procedure and the clinics offering the service. Go online a search for reviews about specific clinics and aestheticians to know whether they’re experienced and professional. You may also need to call the clinic yourself and ask numerous questions about what it entails to gain confidence.

Checking out photos of patients who’ve undergone the procedure can also help you to know the result to expect. The individual injecting you with the filler must understand lip anatomy to avoid interfering with the blood vessels. Don’t go for cheap options before doing proper research because they may lead to unpleasant results like scarring or unnatural looks. Furthermore, though considered a lunchtime treatment, lip filling may be risky if not done well. Know the risks before going to the doctor.

2. Avoid Taking Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Before the procedure, you may be tempted to take some ibuprofen or aspirin drugs to reduce the swelling after undergoing the procedure. However, you need to avoid such medication because they’ll thin your blood and boost the risk of bruising and bleeding where you’ll receive the injection. You also want to avoid drinking alcohol, wine, or coffee, a day before and after the procedure because it may increase swelling and inflammation.

If you must take drugs, consult your aesthetician or doctor to give the right recommendations. However, most doctors discourage taking drugs before the procedure because they may react with the filler’s contents. After successfully undergoing the treatment, your doctor will give you the right medication that won’t give you side effects.

3. Be Patient

If you choose to go for a lip filling treatment, you need to go slow. Don’t be like some patients who tell their doctors to inject them with large amounts of fillers because they want to get results quickly. The results you get from such a procedure may only be plastic and fake instead of the natural one you’re seeking. Instead, be patient and opt for small amounts of filler that can be gradually topped up in later sessions. You don’t want to regret having overly plumped lips as soon as you leave the clinic. In fact, too much filler will give you ‘duck lips.’ To avoid getting an undesired lip size, it would be best to discuss with your doctor what you want.

4. Avoid Massaging Your Lips

Once you’ve received your newly augmented lips, don’t massage and touch it, however, tempting it may be. That’s because it will move the filler to other undesirable areas and cause an imbalance. Touching or massaging can also significantly impact the volume and structure of lips that you’ll get.

Summing Up

Lip filler treatment may cause both excitement and anxiety that may make you behave irrationally. However, you need to be aware of what to do and what not to do before and after a procedure to not interfere with the results you intend to get.

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