The Growth of Virtual Reality

The Growth of Virtual Reality

Gaming has grown to be a huge industry. According to the Mordor Intelligence website, the global gaming market is set to reach a global value of 295.63 billion by 2026. In 2020, it was valued at 162.32 billion.

COVID-19 has had a big impact, with more people turning to gaming for entertainment. Interestingly, virtual reality gaming (VR) has enjoyed some new-found popularity. This post looks at the growth of virtual reality.

The gaming world responds

The industry has aimed to capitalize on the growth in gaming and, to do so, has focused on increasing user engagement. Game makers have looked to do this with in-app purchases, and this downloadable content may include things such as new features, new tools, expansion packs and “loot boxes”, the latter, essentially, being something of a lottery of virtual items.

Meanwhile, tech has supported this strategy. Players have witnessed improvements to gaming hardware, to internet bandwidth and to mobile gaming. Games have become more available on mobile devices.

Virtual reality growth

One area of gaming that look set to enjoy some serious growth is virtual reality game. In 2019, this style of gaming was valued at $11.56 billion in 2019. Fast forward all the way to 2027 and VR is looking at a compound annual growth rate of 30.2% from 2020 up until then.

The reason? Users have more spending capacity and, as a result, are demanding new forms of entertainment. VR delivers an immersive experience, with motion tracking, 3D effects and other interactive graphics, all of which engage the players immensely.

The impact of COVID-19

Until the events of 2020, the need for headsets, high-speed internet access and a smartphone to make the VR experience worthwhile slowed the growth of VR down. Although internet access and smartphone access were less of a problem, headsets weren’t as big a seller.

Then came along COVID-19 and turned things around for the VR gaming industry (and for the use of VR outside of gaming). Now that people have become suddenly isolated between their four walls, VR has jumped in popularity, and the perception of VR has changed, too.

Previously, VR was something people saw as for gamers only. Not now. Everyone is getting in on VR gaming during lockdown, turning to it as a new form of entertainment. Seventy-one percent of the respondents in a survey in the US told the researchers they were spending more time using VR during the pandemic.

Looking to the best VR games

Looking to the best VR games

A big part of the engagement from VR games comes from the immersive experience. Combine these with some solid gameplay, graphics, and more, and you have a superb game. Here are some games to keep your eye open for if you’re looking to go VR with your gaming:

Half Life: Alyx

“Half Life: Alyx” is set between the events of the original “Half Life” and “Half Life 2”, and since it was one of Valve’s early forays into VR, some gamers were frightened it wouldn’t live up to expectation. Valve proved them wrong, however.

You are Alyx Vance. Together with your father, Dr Ely Vance, you’re resisting against the Combine, the invaders who have occupied the Earth. It’s a shooter, but you’re also solving some mind-bending puzzles. The game is also more frightening than any horror game, as you navigate through zombie-infested death pits.

Online casino games

Not so much a game as more a space for VR gaming.

Online casinos are constantly striving to improve the gaming experience for players and replicate the experience of playing in a brick-and-mortar experience. They’re making the most of VR technology so that players can enjoy an immersive experience.

At some casinos, players can log in and play VR roulette or baccarat, or other classic table games. Many providers are using VR to offer live casino games to their players with real-life dealers. The premise is that, just like in massive multiplayer online role-playing gaming (MMORPG), lots of players can interact with the game at once. VR helps online casinos keep the social interaction that land-based casinos are well known for.

Slot games are another popular casino favourite where slot providers are trying to incorporate VR to make the games more sociable and interactive. By utilizing VR, slot providers will be able to make their slot themes more realistic, with players being immersed into the gaming experience. For example, a mythology themed slot game could see players being transported back in time to be surrounded by the graphics displayed on the themed reels. Online casino providers could also utilize VR to create a virtual ‘land-based’ casino where players can see and play on a ‘physical slot machine’ and have the possibility to interact with other slot players via an in-game chat room. The possibilities online casino providers could do with VR are endless!

Growth of Virtual reality gaming

No Man’s Sky

One of the reasons “No Man’s Sky” is so good is that, as a survival and exploration game, it lends itself naturally to VR gaming. The game is inspired by classic science fiction, so if you’re into that particular genre, you’re going to love this game.

You go to different planets and learn about the true nature of the cosmos, but you’re in constant danger from pirates and hostile creatures. Survival comes down to the choices you make.

Could lockdown boost the growth of VR?

VR gaming has already witnessed an upsurge in popularity during the lockdown. Other industries, such as travel, events, real estate, and ecommerce, were already hard at work on integrating it in ways that would work to their benefit. The lockdown has caused them to ramp up their activity in this field even more.

Experts don’t believe that VR gaming is a flavor-of-the-month phenomenon. They believe that when Coronavirus eventually ups its sticks and life goes back to normal, VR will be here to stay. The adoption of the technology in so many different fields already is helping VR to cement itself firmly into the way we might do things in the future.

VR is experiencing growth in and outside of the gaming market. COVID-19 has been something of a game changer for the industry, as people look for alternatives either for entertainment or to conduct their business operations and keep things moving. The future definitely looks different.

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