How To Take CBD

The Most Common Ways To Take CBD

Ever since governments around the world started relaxing the laws regarding CBD, the popularity of the substance has literally exploded globally. CBD stands for cannabidiol and the substance is the second most prevalent ingredient in cannabis (marijuana). However, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not cause the ‘high’ commonly associated with cannabis and instead is viewed as a non-addictive relaxant.

With physicians the world over now slowly coming to accept the potential medicinal and healing benefits of CBD, the substance has become freely available in most territories. Today, CBD features in a huge range of products including drinks, capsules, drops and vaping liquids. Moreover, home kits are now available from websites like allowing enthusiasts to distill and refine their own supply of CBD.

Read on to find inspiration on the four main ways people take CBD products.

Ingestion Via Food and Drink

Edible CBD products have proven to be immensely popular – particularly with novice users – and are one of the fastest-growing areas of the CBD market. Capsules, drinks, CBD ‘gummies’ and even foods laced with CBD are an attractive option for many just getting started on their CBD journey. However, despite the popularity of ingesting CBD, it should also be noted that ingestion is one of the least effective ways to take the substance since it has a very long route through the digestive system to reach the bloodstream (where it begins to take effect). Nonetheless, it is possible to add CBD to food (fatty foods work best) or within CBD drinks.

Taking CBD Sublingually (Under the Tongue)

To take CBD products sublingually, the individual simply places a few drops under the tongue. Other popular methods include sprays or pastes as a means to administer the substance. The CBD is typically diffused very quickly directly into the bloodstream via this method – in as quickly as 30-60 seconds – and its absorption rate is considerably higher than methods like ingestion. Indeed, administering CBD under the tongue is commonly regarded as one of the most effective ways to take the product to gain maximum benefit.

Inhaling CBD – Normally Via Vape Equipment

The huge growth in vaping in recent years has also led to the mass take-up of specific CBD vape products and liquids. Inhaling the substance is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get it into your bloodstream and avoid losing potential benefits through the compound being broken down in other areas by the body.

Inhaling CBD has almost instant effects, with very little loss of the substance on its journey into the bloodstream.

Topical Administration (Through the Skin)

Despite the fact CBD is commonly understood to work best when absorbed into the bloodstream, topical consumption of the compound can still offer relief to specific areas of the body. Rubbing CBD into the skin doesn’t allow it to enter the bloodstream – but can still offer significant therapeutic benefits if applied properly.

Balms, creams and patches are the most common ways to introduce CBD to the body via the skin. However, due to the non-porous nature of human skin, it is important to remember you are unlikely to benefit from the full curative potential of CBD. Nonetheless, topical administration is increasingly being used to offer pain relief for sore joints and inflammation – particularly in arthritis sufferers.

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